LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #10 // Moral Victories 10-20-13


628x471The guys talk about the weekend in Professional Football, the pains of Fantasy Football, briefly break down the big NASCAR race at ‘Dega and talk about the Iowa Hawkeyes hanging in their with the #4 Nationally Ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. They also talk about still basking in the glory that was ACL Festival last weekend and they go back in forth about “moral victories” – and is there really such a thing?!

Adam keeps rolling – even though the Hawks lost, and it was so close. He is still 7-0 on the season for his predictions. Also, will most definitely be watching Law and Order: SVU this week and kind of sorta believes in moral victories.

Nick finally moved above .500 by picking the Buckeyes to beat the Hawkeyes. Looks to keep going next week against Northwestern but won’t beat his brother. Also, doesn’t ever watch TV shows when they originally air. Believes in moral victories.

Tune in next week as we break down the Iowa Hawkeye basketball season and all that is the NBA. Cheers!

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