The Texas Two-Step: What we learned/Looking ahead – CFB


What We Learned // College Football Week 7

We didn’t catch much of the football that happened this weekend, which is probably why this is coming out later than usual, but there were some good games to be had and upsets coming out of nowhere.  Here’s what we learned in Week 7:

  • 201310121853680057741-p5The Cardinal Hangover – After beating a great Washington team last week and having this upcoming weekend’s matchup circled, as the UCLA Bruins come to town, the Cardinal forget that they had to play a game against Utah.  The Utes weren’t caught by surprise, well unless you count them being surprised that they actually won.  Either way, the Cardinal continue to live up to the big game spotlight, but always find a way to lose one or two throughout the year to keep themselves out of the title talk.
  • The Quack Attack – Give credit to the Huskies.  They held on tight through three quarters to the faster and much more experienced Ducks.  Once the fourth quarter came around though, they proved why they’re the best of the West, putting the ball in the endzone twice to seal the deal on their trip to Seattle.
  • Mack’s Still Here – I think everyone in the college football world, even Mack Brown himself, was surprised by this outcome.  After last week’s sloppy, disappointing, questionable (I can go on and on) win over Iowa State, no one could have expected the Longhorns to travel up north to Dallas and pull out a win.  However, that’s exactly what they did, quieting all the critics… at least for one more week.
  • Proving Their Worth – At the season halfway point, Missouri and Texas A&M are continuing to show how worthy of additions they are to the league.  Missouri is undefeated and has a stifling defense to boot, while the Aggies only loss is to the Crimson Tide, a team they knocked off last year.  So far this is the only good thing to show from conference realignment (no, definitely not Legends and Leaders).

Looking Ahead To The 8th Week, College Football 

After a bye week, for both Iowa and us, we’re back to watching a weekend’s worth of football.  Good news, looks like there are some great games to catch this weekend.  Here’s what to watch in week 8:


  • Missouri v. Florida – The QB matchup looked a little different for this one when the schedule’s were announced at the beginning of the year.  Both teams are onto their backups, as Missouri is looking to continue their magical run this year and showing their worth in the loaded SEC.  Meanwhile, Florida is looking to remain relevant in the title game picture, where a loss would surely put them out of contention.
  • UCLA v. Stanford – Can Stanford redeem themselves after that horrendous showing last week?  Only time will tell, but it won’t be any easier this week as UCLA looks to stay undefeated and set themselves up for a title game showdown against the Ducks.iowa-osu-tippass-mfjpg-a114de14466b625a
  • Iowa v. Ohio St – Both teams were off last week and while that was a must needed rest for the Hawks, it won’t get any easier.  Good news is that the defense still hasn’t allowed a rushing TD all year.  Bad news is that even if they shut down Carlos Hyde, Braxton will still be able to light it up through the air.  Here’s to praying that this one will actual remain a decent game.
  • Auburn v. Texas A&M – A&M has kind of flown under the radar after that loss to Alabama early in the year.  All they’ve done since is continue to win and show that they can’t be forgotten about.  Auburn meanwhile is looking to regain their form from the national title winning season.
  • Florida St. v. Clemson – The big one.  What we’ve all been waiting for.  Famous Jameis and the Seminoles are traveling to “Death Valley” to take on Tahj Boyd and the Tigers.  This may be the best game we will be seeing the rest of the season as these two electric offenses face off.  Winner of this one will have positioned themselves perfectly for the second half of the season and will be the unanimous choice for the #3 team in the nation, possibly even #2.

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