NFL Power Rankings, After week 6


A week where my team left me in tears and Adam’s had him making jeers just doesn’t seem right.  We didn’t catch much football, but what we did see, failed to disappoint like always.  Well unless you’re a Saints fan.

  1. BroncosDenver Broncos – At one point in this game, the Jaguars were only down by 2 points… in the SECOND HALF!  No one could have saw that coming and Peyton surely had seen enough as he lead the team on 2 more beautiful drives, both resulting in TDs to seal the victory.
  2. CheifsKansas City Chiefs – This team continues to beat the teams they’re supposed to beat.  The defense is fantastic, sacking Terrelle Pryor 10 times this week and the offense continues to be effective behind Jamaal Charles.  If they want to take the next step forward, they’ll have to step up the passing game.  Tony Gonzalez to the rescue?
  3. PatriotsNew England Patriots – Tom Brady looked unimpressive until the defense gave him one more chance.  We all know what happens next in this script.  Tom Brady took the team down the field on an impressive drive and threw a game-winning touchdown with 5 seconds left leading to a hysterical call from the radio.  “Unicorns!! Show ponies!!  Where’s the beef??”  Tom surely brought it home this week.
  4. SaintsNew Orleans Saints – The look on Rob Ryan’s face says it all.  He called the perfect defense to shut down Tom Brady until the Saints offense just kept giving him chances.  Jimmy Graham needed to deliver as well and that wasn’t the case.  Even in defeat, they’re still the cream of the crop in the NFC.
  5. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks – Something just hasn’t seemed completely right with this team lately.  Yes, they did win at home this week, but that’s like saying Tim Tebow is an awful quarterback.  It’s a given.  They have two straight conference road games that’ll help us see more about where this team is going and with Percy Harvin returning soon, they just need to hang on.
  6. ColtsIndianapolis Colts – After looking fantastic in their three previous three games, the offense looked pedestrian at best.  The running game wasn’t able to produce and the receivers looked like they just had some popcorn with all of those drops.  A pregame celebration might be the only way a team can beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  Rumor has it every team will have scouts at the game to take notes.
  7. NinersSan Francisco 49ers – Looking back on it now, the 49ers have two of the best losses you could have and they came at the right time as they are clicking on all cylinders, reeling off three straight wins.  With two road games coming up, they have a chance to come into the bye at a respectable 6-2 mark.
  8. PackersGreen Bay Packers – The bye week really seemed to clean up the sloppiness of the defense.  They’ve allowed an average of 13 points in their past two contests.  As long as the defense can continue to play even mediocre, this team can’t be overlooked by anyone.
  9. BengalsCincinnati Bengals – Escaping a game in Buffalo after dominating the Patriots, at least defensively, doesn’t make much sense.  Neither does losing to the Browns three weeks ago.  A game at the Lions will continue to help determine if this team is for real, or just going to sneak into the playoffs.
  10. LionsDetroit Lions – So the Lions just beat the Browns, which beat the Bengals three weeks earlier.  If my high school math teacher taught me correctly, by that thing called the transitive property they shouldn’t even play this game and just give the Lions the W, right?  On second thought probably not.  That’s why mathematicians don’t run the league.


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