Looking ahead to the 7th week, College Football


The Iowa bye week comes at a perfect time, because even if they were playing, we wouldn’t be watching it.  That’s right, we’ll be at ACL all weekend!  However, for those who aren’t at ACL this weekend enjoying the bands we’ve previewed and more, here are some games to catch:


  • Opposite Directions – This matchup between the Missouri Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs features two teams journeying in opposite directions.  The Tigers are red hot and off to a 5-0 start.  The Bulldogs, on the other hand, have gotten through the meat of their schedule unblemished.  Now without their top 2 RBs and 3 WRs, they are trying to tread water to keep themselves afloat in the SEC title race.
  • Red River Shootout – If previous years are any indication, this actually won’t be a game.  The reason this is a must watch game though is that it could be Mack Brown’s final game as the UT coach (you heard it hear first).  He might have bought himself some time (and the refs) in that horrible win against Iowa St., but with a new AD coming in next year, this is probably his last Red River Shootout.  Farewell Mack.  Welcome Saban?hi-res-6638334_crop_650x440
  • Offense or Defense? – The LSU Tigers and their high-powered offense host the Gators and their stellar defense in this weeks best SEC showdown.  Florida is looking to start off a tough stretch with a W to stay unbeaten in the SEC, while LSU is looking to make up for their loss to the Bulldogs and keep their title hopes alive.
  • 2nd Best in the Big 10 – A battle between the Buckeyes’ two most recent wins takes place this week as the Wildcats take on the Badgers.  Both teams kept it close against OSU, but ultimately couldn’t pull off the W.  If these teams want to have any shot at the Big 10 championship game, they better win this one… and pray for a miracle.
  • Gameday Meets the Emerald City – Washington proved there worth last week and if it wasn’t for a special teams blunder would have came away with the W.  They better hope they can do it again because it doesn’t get any easier this week.  The Oregon offense is high-flying and the Huskies will need to play a near perfect game in order to pull this one out.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:

THE SOUTH FLORIDA BULLS (1-4) at THE CONNECTICUT HUSKIES (0-4) – Where do we begin? UConn hasn’t won a game all year. But South Florida doesn’t even rank in the Top 100 for Passing, Rushing, Points for and against.. Wait what? Here, let me show you:


Pop quiz: Who’s the worst team in the Florida? The Jacksonville Jaguars or the South Florida Bulls?

Trick question. If they played each other it might be difficult for either team to accidentally score and win.

Fair warning. Last week we told you stay as far away as possible from the Longhorns and Cyclones game. And it looks like the only people who got the memo were the refs in Ames. Not gonna lie – I watched that game. Not at my table. It was at the bar. And I broke a table because I couldn’t stop watching that terrible game.

We once played a game in Iowa. We lost. I don’t wanna talk about it.

I digress.

Back on topic. Just stay away. I heard it’s going to snow in Connecticut this weekend. I just made that up but just listen to me here and don’t watch this game. It is going to be ugly. Over/under for points is 41. I’m taking the under. The way under. Look for a total of 13.5 points in this game.

Just saying. When you do a drive by of this game and see two goose eggs on the scoreboard. Just remember I told you so.

And always, always remember – the NCAA will be testing on Saturday.


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