What We Learned // College Football Week 6


Sprinkled between the blowouts there were actually some good football games this week. The Cardinal pulled off an impressive win of the Huskies, while the Vols came up short against the Bulldogs. The Gameday special showed how good Northwestern can be, even in a loss. Here’s what we learned in week 6:

  • High Powered Offenses Dominate – Baylor broke a Big 12 record in yards for a game and dropped 56 first half points in the process versus West Virginia.  The Seminoles blanked the previously ranked Terrapins 63-0, improving Jaemis Winston’s Heisman campaign in the process. Clemson showed the Orange that the ACC is just a little bit better at football than the Big East in their 49-14 rout.  When will someone be able to shut down these offenses?  How about the week 8 matchup where the Seminoles faceoff against the Tigers?
  • Who’s Next? – The Buckeyes finally faced a worthy opponent and came away with the victory.  It took a botched snap on 4th and 1 from the Wildcats to seal the win, but now that they have this one in the bags, they may make it 23 straight before facing off against the Wolverines.MSU-qb-450x288
  • A Long Way To Go – Wow was that ugly. The Hawks gave us a false sense of hope to end the 1st half, only to come out and sputter in the second.  A once sure thing to get to a bowl is now looking more difficult.  A week to recover is much needed before a visit to the ‘Shoe.
  • Washington’s Almost There – The Huskies out gained the Cardinal by over 200 yards and yet couldn’t quite complete the comeback, losing by 3.  It was a sign of improvement, however, and some would call it a moral victory.  They’ll need a real win against the Ducks this upcoming week if they want to keep their Pac 12 championship aspirations alive.
  • “Next Man Up” – The Georgia Bulldogs survived a scare against the Volunteers, but at what cost?  The team was already without top WR Malcom Mitchell for the year and are now without RB Keith Marshall and WR Justin Scott-Wesley for the season as well.  WR Michael Bennett and lead RB Todd Gurley might miss the showdown against the undefeated Missouri Tigers, in which case the Bulldogs’ depth will be put to the test.


Barney-Stinson-barney-stinson-30805853-1024-768Who says the Big Ten can’t ball? One of the roughest and toughest conferences in all of the nation often gets overlooked, kind of like that biker chick with all of that tattoos at the end of the bar – give em a chance right?

The Big Ten isn’t the flashiest, they may not be the quickest, but they’ve got some talent. Some Legendary talent. It pains me us to do this, but this week’s “I hope you’re not lactose intolerant” play of the week comes out of Nebraska. Gross.

It’s hard to root for the Cornhuskers – but we’re a sucker for one handed grabs, and Kenny Bell’s is up there with some of the best. Nothing will ever beat the most LEGENDARY one handed grab ever by Aaron Dobson of Marshall, here. But this one is great, and it blew us away this weekend.

So give it up for the Cornhuskers, but only for today, then let’s forget this ever happened. Congrats Kenny, keep up the great work – just not when the Hawks come to town. Or you go there. Either way we wish you well until you play Iowa is what we are trying to say. Legendary man. Legendary.

*It was hard to look past that of Jameis Winston, again. He put up another monster game and had another breathtaking play. But we try to spread the love. Until this kid breaks a 90 yard run and throws for 600 yards – which could happen soon, you aren’t making the cut kid. You want back to back, we gotta see something special! Seriously please let’s see something great again you’re the man. 


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