Best TV Lawyer of All-Time? Let’s take a look.


I just finished another episode of Breaking Bad. Just cranking through these episodes as fast as I can. I’m ashamed to admit how many episodes I have watched in the past few days, but it happened. Just like the Holocaust.

Too soon?

I can’t be the only person who watches an unhealthy amount of Breaking Bad on NetFlix. Please don’t ruin anything for me. I haven’t come to the series finale yet, hiding from Twitter and human interaction as much as possible to avoid spoilers – I’ve heard a lot of people throw around things like, “Greatest Show Ever.”

I’d already have to agree.

Don’t worry, I won’t break it down season by season, but when I hear things like the greatest show ever it makes me think about some other great shows.curb-your-enthusiasm-larry-david-1

The Sopranos.

The Wire.

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld.

Game of Thrones. The Office. Entourage. Just to name a few.

And this could be argued for days. Some people may even be throwing their hands up in the air by me even mentioning a few of those shows. I haven’t even seen Game of Thrones or The Wire – so get off my back. I have seen Entourage, and I don’t think it’s the greatest show of all time, or probably shouldn’t even be mentioned with the others. But Entourage does have one of the greatest TV characters of all-time. And so does Breaking Bad.

This is where things get awkward.

“Better Call Saul!”

Saul Goodman cracks me up every time I watch Breaking Bad no matter how many junkies die or cartel members get shot. Bob Odenkirk is brilliant. Then I got to thinking – who else is a great lawyer on a great TV show? That’s right! Ari Gold. Let’s write something comparing lawyers, like who’s the better lawyer on TV. Is it Saul Goodman, “Criminal Lawyer” or is it Ari Gold, “Hollywood Lawyer”? That would be..

Ut oh. Then I remembered Ari Gold isn’t a lawyer. He is a super agent. Damnit. That’s not gonna work.

Or is it?

I did some digging. Ah ha!


J.D./M.B.A.? Sounds promising. I got a B.A. What could this be?



I am a stud. I didn’t read all that mumbo jumbo – but he’s basically a lawyer. Yeah he doesn’t play one on TV, but he has a law degree. And that’s all I need to compare the two.

So without further ado, if you’ve stayed with us thus far. The showdown of the TV lawyers. Saul Goodman vs. Ari Gold.

Saul Goodman:

Ari Gold:

Although Ari Gold has a larger body of work, and definitely has a way with a few choice words, Saul Goodman’s clip is short and sweet. He brings humor, although it may be dark humor to a very dark TV show. Ari Gold takes it to the next level. Over the top level. Sometimes necessary, always inappropriately funny.

Bob Odenkirk is a genius. Longtime SNL writer Conan contributor and just the best touch of funny that a show like Breaking Bad needs at the right moments. Remember – this was a show I couldn’t watch before going to bed a few weeks ago.

Jeremy Piven is great. A long time Hollywood douche bag who a lot of people don’t really like. I don’t mind the guy – I mean I after all did graduate from the University of Drake, something even he couldn’t pull of. Ari doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for Piven.

Either way, both are lawyers – I proved that. Both are hysterical, both would be great to sit down with at a bar and even better to help you get out of the clink, if need be. And both will ultimately go down as some of the funniest SOB’s in television history.

Unless the Better Call Saul spinoff is an absolute piece of garbage.

Then I will destroy ever last proof that this post ever existed, Walter White style.


2 thoughts on “Best TV Lawyer of All-Time? Let’s take a look.

  1. N.E. Richards

    I prefer ADA Rafael Barba played by Raul Esparza on Law and Order: SVU. He has some great lines and has a snappy wardrobe with colorful ties and suspenders. Saul is good, but unethical to say the least.

    • Great point. If we are talking legit lawyers – I’d take Barba any day of the week. Dude’s a stud. And without a doubt a very snazzy dresser who often has a few one-liners here and there. I suppose this post was based more on who was funnier. But I get where you are coming from and I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

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