Looking ahead to the 6th week, College Football


The first week of conference play lived up to all of the hype and this week shouldn’t be far behind.  Although there is no Georgia v. LSU matchup in the cards, the Bulldogs are looking to make sure they don’t have one of those pesky Saturday hangovers as they travel to Knoxville to play the Volunteers. The Northwestern Wildcats are hosting Gameday (that’s not a typo), and the Pac 12 continues to prove that it just may be the second best conference in football.  Here’s what we’re looking forward to this weekend:

2010 College GameDay Campaign - May 10, 2010

  • FSU vs Maryland – Just because we haven’t talked about him doesn’t mean he isn’t playing well.  Jameis Winston was the star of the Barney Stinson Legand – hope you’re not lactose intolerant – Dary play of the week last week and look for him to continue to do special things. Florida State Spring Game In his first tough matchup of the season, he’ll look to continue to move this high powered offense against a Maryland team that has allowed an average of 10 points a game thus far.  Prediction: That isn’t going to last long Maryland.
  • Defensive Showdown in IC – In the past couple of years, this has been an exciting matchup.  I caught myself watching the ’09 version of this game the other day, where Stanzi hit McNutt as time expired to keep Iowa undefeated (those were the days).  Last year, when the Oh’s Knows Bros first found out about ACL, we caught the game at a local watering hole in ATX and cheered like we had never seen an Iowa win before, much to the despise of the Longhorn fans, as the Hawks pulled out a double OT win (their last win of the season… let’s not talk about that).  I would expect nothing less in this one as two of the premier defenses in the nation face off.
  • Gameday in Evanston – Pat Fitzgerald continues to bring Northwestern to prominence.  Most of the students at NU have probably never caught Gameday before… Not because they use the excuse of sleeping in like us, but because they are usually at the library until kickoff and sometimes even right through the game (studying can be fun).  Expect the whole student body to get behind the team in this one as the Buckeyes come to town and bring with them Kirk, Lee, Desmond and the gang.  This is going to be a spine-tingling game to see.
  • Washington vs Stanford – If Washington wants to prove themselves as a team to reckon with in the Pac 12, the Saturday prime time game on ESPN is the perfect place for it.  The Stanford Cardinal host the improved Huskies in this must see match-up.  Winner of this game has set themselves up for a good chance at the North title (see Big 10, it isn’t that hard to name your divisions)… That is until they face the Oregon Ducks.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:

THE TEXAS LONGHORNS (2-2) at THE IOWA STATE CYCLONES (1-2) – At first glance people might think this is a so called, “sneaky game.” Or a “tasty matchup.” Think again. We’re going against the grain here. This game deserves no place at the table. Not even close.Screen_shot_2012-02-21_at_3.15.49_PM_medium

In the words of Charles Barkley, the Longhorns are turrible. Just turrible. They are probably looking ahead to next week where they will get routed by Oklahoma. And believe me – nobody, not even Cyclones fans, let a-freaking-lone these boys from Austin, Texas are looking forward to heading to Ames, Iowa Thursday night.

It’s going to be rainy. It’s going to be ugly. It doesn’t deserve your time. You’ve got better things to do. There’s an NFL game on – oh, wait. Who’s playing? Bills and Browns? Eek.

Don’t know what game is worse. But let’s get back to the fact that Iowa State isn’t even the third best team in the state of Iowa. To be fair, they do have a good track record against ranked opponents, on week nights, in Ames. But life isn’t fair and Texas isn’t ranked. It was nice knowing you Mack Brown. I heard New Mexico State might be looking for a coach.

Kind of like that chubby girl at the end of the bar come closing time, just stay away. Don’t even do a “drive by” when you are flipping through channels tonight. New Girl has to be on right? Or Glee? I don’t know stick to one of those shows that I definitely don’t watch. I know you are jonesing for some football. But just wait a few days. Trust me, it will be worth it. And as always, “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”

And Thursday.

*Editors Note: Apparently we aren’t very good at Math. Or fact checking. This will be the 6th week of College Football – not the 5th. We’ve been off for the past few weeks which I am surprised hasn’t completely taken over the internet and almost shut down the football season itself. We apologize. It won’t happen again. But next time there is food in my teeth, please let me know! Thanks -kisses.


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