What We Learned // College Football Week 5


The pain is over.  We had games to watch on a Saturday.  The top teams in the nation continued to make their case for the voters, while some of the lesser teams, yes I mean the Hawks, are continuing to show improvement and make their case for a strong conference season.

  • FLOYD comes home – Iowa came out of this rivalry game with all the bacon; literally… Floyd is a pig.  Winner’s of 4 straight, the Hawks are starting to have the critics believe and think that this team can contend in the Legend’s division.  A win over Michigan St. would have to start to make everyone a believer, as a 5-1 start is better than anyone could have predicted, except the most optimistic of Iowa fans.
  • NO SLOWING Down – Alabama is the crème de la crème of college football.  I’m starting to believe that there isn’t a team in the amateur level that could beat team. And let’s be real, they could probably even beat the Jags.ncf_u_miller-guiton01jr_576x324
  • 17 STRONG – The Buckeyes own the longest win streak in the nation at 17 games, as they upended the Badgers this week.  A date with the Wildcats of Northwestern and GameDay being in Evanston awaits them this next week. Better hope Corso picks Northwestern to win Buckeyes.
  • The WORST IS OVER – The Bulldogs escaped their daunting opening schedule going 3-1 and 2-0 in the conference.  If they get through a week 10 home date with the Gators, you can pencil them into the SEC championship game.


With Conference play back in full swing, we had quite a few plays to choose from. Quite a few. There were some awesome ones. Great ones. But Barney Stinson only wants the most Legendary – like the plays that will be remembered for all of time.

You had some good ones. I think I said that once already? Johnny Football put on a nice little display, scrambled a bit – threw it up to his 7 foot tall wideout. Eh. That’s easy.

The Alabama offense had a field day, making things look easy. Very easy and a nice little 68 yard touchdown run by T.J. Yeldon. But let’s get them going against the Jags already – now that will be some primetime football. Until then, not making the cut sorry T.J.

How about Jameis Winston? That dude can play. This weekend he was LEGENDARY. Now it wasn’t a play that 50 years from now you will be telling your grandkids, but you will be telling them about Jameis Winston – hopefully not saying he was the biggest NFL bust of all time. But this play will be shown in his Heisman reel this year. And maybe next year.

Clock running down. Time running out. Hike. Scramble. Breaks a tackle. Stays on his feet. Gets rocked. Throws it 55 yards downfield. Touchdown. No problem. This kid is good. And this play was Legen-wait for it-dary. See you at the Heisman ceremony Jameis.

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