NFL Power Rankings, After Week 4


The first bye week came at a perfect time for the Packers, as they try to recoup for a surprising 1-2 start to the season.  Meanwhile, the Broncos hope they never have a bye, as Peyton continues to go off and the Jags just want to move to Los Angeles already.

  1. BroncosDenver Broncos – In the words of the elder Oh’s Knows Bro in regards to next week’s matchup, “The Cowboys will linger in the first half, get a turnover or two, and then Peyton will decide to come alive and crush them in the 4th.”  Sounds about right, minus the waiting until the 4th to come alive.  Peyton has been too good this year.
  2. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks – “Guys, you know that Matt Schaub is the starting QB, right?  I understand we aren’t at home, but could you put it together please?” – Pete Carroll, start of the 4th quarter.  This game was all Texans until the Seahawks turned on the light switch and pulled out the W in OT.  Here’s me hoping that my new crush will falter next week against my favorite team; the Colts.
  3. SaintsNew Orleans Saints – “Take out Tannehill’s knees! Get Wallace going over the middle!… Oh wait, don’t do that, we don’t need to go through this again.” – Sean Peyton.  The Saints are proving everyone wrong and showing their more than just a high-powered offense.  The defense shut down the Dolphins, without any bounties (that we know of) and will look to continue to improve, as they start to make the Seahawks feel nervous.
  4. PatriotsNew England Patriots – “Alright Tom, we get it. Sorry for getting rid of all of your receivers and signing the most injury prone player to replace them.  Will you forgive us and get back to Patriots football this week?” – Robert Kraft.  Tom and the gang finally looked like the Patriots team we have been accustomed to seeing and will only get better once Gronk and Amendola return.
  5. CheifsKansas City Chiefs* – “So you’re telling me we don’t get the NFC East every week?  We actually have to play a football team this week?  Coach I was getting used to this.” – Every Chiefs player. The Chiefs are the lowest rated unbeaten, partially because they went 2-14 last year and partially because they best team they’ve played is the 2-2 Cowboys (sorry Adam).  They will finally have a chance to prove themselves as they travel to the 3-1 Titans this week.
  6. LionsDetroit Lions – “So I know this might be a bad time, but when I played well at USC they paid me extra cash. Could we set that up again?” – Reggie Bush.  The Lions are for real this year and Bush is a big part of it. A win against the Packers this week will solidify their spot at the top of the NFC North.
  7. DolphinsMiami Dolphins – “One more game until the bye. Let’s show everyone we aren’t a fluke!” – Joe Philbin. After squeaking out two wins against the Falcons and Colts, the Dolphins couldn’t hang with the Saints.  A matchup with the beatable Ravens is in the fold can help the Dolphins improve to 4-1 going into their bye.
  8. ColtsIndianapolis Colts – “Coach?  Why were there no fans in the stands?  More people came to my college games.” – Every Colts player (even the guys from FCS schools).  The Colts had a nice tune up game and probably would have gotten more competition from an inner squad scrimmage.  They will have all the competition they need this next week as they host the Seahawks.
  9. BearsChicago Bears – “Yay!  We only lost by 8!  Way to get those garbage time TD’s Jay!” – Mark Trestman. This game was not as close as the final score shows, as the Bears were dismantled by the Lions.  It doesn’t get any easier, as they face the Saints next week… at least it’s at home.
  10. TitansTennessee Titans – “Perfect, we get the 0-4 Chiefs next… wait, you mean they are 4-0? (Gulp) What happened to last year’s team?” – Chris Johnson.  The typo of the column award goes to the Titans this week, as they are now 3-1 and playing great.  Bad news, just when Jake Locker decided to prove the Oh’s Knows Bros wrong, he gets injured for the next 4-8 weeks.  Bummer.

*Eff off Nick.


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