Throwback Thursday // 31st of October – Halloween Edition!


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

Today is Halloween – and because Facebook didn’t exist when I was 5. These are the only Halloween photos we can find. From the throwback. When it was Halloween. Some classics for sure.

Happy Halloween all!


What We Learned // College Football Week 9


I first want to apologize to anyone who watched the PSU v. OSU game on my recommendation.  I learned that was quickly an ugly game to catch and didn’t stay tuned in for very long.  The Hawks kept their bowl dreams alive and the Crimson Tide continued to dominate by so much that I have yet to be able to include them in most columns.

  • USATSI_7513955_crop_exactUnbeaten No More – Missouri seemingly had this game in the bag heading into the 4th quarter before allowing South Carolina to take it to overtime.  The Gamecocks pulled out the win after the Mizzou kicker doinked his game tying field goal off the left upright (much to the delight of every KU fan).  Meanwhile, in the Big 12, Texas Tech suffered their first defeat at the hands of the Sooners.  It was a well fought game, but in the end, first year coach Kliff Kingsbury couldn’t do enough to get his Red Raiders the victory.
  • The Rule of 21 – After three quarters, the Oregon Ducks only led the UCLA Bruins by 7 points, thinking that they may have an actual battle in the 4th for once.  Mariota quickly squashed the hopes and dreams of the Bruins as the Ducks scored 3 TDs in the 4th.  The 28 point win means they still haven’t had a margin of victory that is less than 21.  Impressive.
  • Close, but No Cigar – Stanford continues to enjoy keeping things close to the chest, as they defeated Oregon St by only one score.  It has cost them once before, but it may be the only way they’ll have a chance in two weeks versus the Ducks.  On the other coast, the final hurdle for FSU almost tripped up as the Hurricanes needed a touchdown in the final minute to put away Wake Forest.  It was the second straight week they needed a final minute TD for the win, but if they want to make it 3, they’ll have to step it up next week against the ‘Noles.

Badgers Big Ten Championship

  • Big 10 Title Half Set – It may be early, but I’d feel comfortable putting the Buckeyes in the title game come December.  They just dominated their last worthy opponent until Michigan and even with a loss in that one, they own the tiebreaker over the Badgers.  The only question left is, “Will they be winners of 24 straight when they arrive?”


barney-stinsonLast week we went against South Carolina. This week – you got it South Carolina. Holy big win.

It takes a lot to get on Barney Stinson’s Legendary Play of the Week. I thought long an hard about the kid Allen Robinson from Penn State who had the great catch and across field run, cut back, touchdown. But you can’t be honored with an award like this and lose the game 63-14. Garbage time touchdowns don’t get you legendary status.

Missouri has more than Branson, and Yakov Smirnoff. They’ve been playing some football lately. But how do you give up a 17-0 in the 4th? C’mon Tigers!

This week’s recipient of the play of the week goes to the entire South Carolina Football team. You guys just get it. You know how the old saying goes, “Hard work beats talent – not always.” Luck is sometimes on your side. Either way. Congrats Gamecocks.

Legen-I really hope you aren’t lactose intolerant-dary.

NFL Power Rankings, After Week 8


Not much changed this week as most of the favorites pulled out victories.  We saw the continued demise of the Falcons and Texans, two teams firmly placed in almost all playoff pictures, and a state of complete disarray in the NFC East.  Here’s on the rankings stack up:

  1. CheifsKansas City Chiefs – They may not be a pretty 8-0, but they are still undefeated.  Once again facing off against a less than stellar quarterback, the Chiefs cut it close.  The magic might be showing signs of wearing off, but until that happens, there’s still plenty of room aboard this bandwagon.
  2. ColtsIndianapolis Colts – A much needed bye week was used to find who is going to fill the void of the team’s most reliable receiver in Reggie Wayne, that was placed on IR.  Former first round pick, Darrius Heyward-Bay needs to step up if this team wants to hang with the AFC’s best in the second half.
  3. BroncosDenver Broncos – Were the Broncos that good, or the Washington football team that bad?  After trailing 21-14 going into the fourth quarter, Peyton decided to step up and Mike Shanahan decided to crumble in his old stomping grounds.  Even with the 31 point fourth quarter outburst, the Broncos are continuing to show signs of flaws that need fixing if a long playoff run is going to be in the cards.
  4. SaintsNew Orleans Saints – The Saints are continuing to look like the best of the best in the NFC.  Another dominating performance by Brees has this team sitting pretty atop the division.  To think, they’re one magical Tom Brady play away from being undefeated.
  5. NinersSan Francisco 49ers – Jim Haurbaugh must have put “Michael’s Secret Stuff” in the water bottles in the past 5 weeks because no team has looked as dominating as the 49ers.  The passing game stills leaves room for desire, but the running game is the best in the game and keeping this team in Super Bowl talks heading into the bye week.
  6. BengalsCincinnati Bengals – After surviving three straight weeks of close contests, the Bengals decided enough is enough.  They came out and put a stomping on the Jets and Andy Dalton threw 5 touchdowns!  This kid is finally proving he may have that something special and the Bengals are looking to have the division in the bag.
  7. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks – Yes, they did win and yes they are 7-1, but needing a goal stand against Kellen Clemens to win should not be the case… ever!  And someone explain to me how Marshawn Lynch only gained 23 yards against a team that allows 116 yards a game!  Enough with my rant, Seahawks you deserve the fall in the rankings.
  8. PatriotsNew England Patriots – A 14 point deficit and only 59 total yards left the home team faithful disgruntled at halftime.  Bill Belichick worked his magic over the break and the Patriots roared out of the gates to leave the 3rd ahead of their division foe and on their way to victory.  They do continue to win, but it looks like we are slowly seeing the end of a dynasty.
  9. PackersGreen Bay Packers – The offense is finally starting to look like less of a one-trick pony and more of a finely tuned machine.  They rank 5th in passing yards and 3rd in rushing yards, as they gave the RBs the rock more than they did Rodgers this week as they pulled out the victory.  Its that kind of versatility that is going to help them contend with the NFCs best.
  10. LionsDetroit Lions – The Lions outsmarted the Cowboys to pull out the improbable victory and gain the final spot on the rankings.  Megatron racked up over 300 yards receiving in this game alone and the Lions are looking good heading into their bye.

LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #11 // Passion Doesn’t Equal Wins 10-27-13


52570e99ce2a4.preview-620It’s time for some Hoops! Basketball season is right around the corner and in today’s podcast the boys break down the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball season. Will this be the year to they return to the Big Dance? Let’s hope so! The guys also talk about who they think will make the NBA Finals and discuss the ridiculousness that is the Pelicans. They also talk about the big win Iowa had against Northwestern foe, some NASCAR highlights as well as family fantasy implications, and at the tale end of the show Adam goes on a rant about the Dallas Cowboys and how he thinks he is smarter than your average NFL player.

Adam likes Iowa’s chances against the non-conference and might even be looking at an upset against KU in the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament. Also, thinks the Heat will repeat by beating the Clippers in the finals. But watch out for Memphis!

Nick is very confident in Iowa’s season and even sees a 23-7 season on the horizon with some dominant conference play. Also, knows the Heat will win it all again, probably against the Thunder. But watch out for the Warriors!ce8c0__miami_heat_2013

And, after reviewing the tape – Adam picked Iowa to lose to Northwestern this year, sorry Hawks. Oh, but so did Nick. Adam moves to 7-1 on the season while Nick is more like the Cowboys, 4-4.

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Looking ahead to the 9th week of College Football


The first BCS standings were unleashed and as per usual, the talks of which undefeated team will be left out of the title game have begun.  Good news is that usually these things sort themselves out and 4 of the remaining undefeated teams face tough competition this week.  Oh and the Hawks play the Wildcats who’ve forgot how to win in the conference (not worthy of a what to watch needless to say):


  • TTU v. Oklahoma – Are the Red Raiders for real?  They’re undefeated, but now play the hardest part of their schedule.  A win in Norman would prove they’re worth.  The Sooners, on the other hand, are just wanting to stay in contention and prove that the their past two games were an anomaly and not how the rest of the season will look.
  • UCLA v. Oregonucla-vs-oregon-ncaa – Luckily for UCLA they’re in the weak south division, but dropping a second straight conference game would not bode well for them.  However, this week won’t be any easier as the closest any team has come to the Ducks is 3 TDs.  Good Luck!
  • South Carolina v. Mizzou – A team of destiny or a team of luck? The polls have loved what the Tigers have done the past two weeks.  They’re looking to end this 3 week gauntlet of SEC games with a win over South Carolina and prove they deserve the hype.  “The Old Ball Coach” said that Connor Shaw won’t be starting and Clowney hasn’t decided if he is free this Saturday so the Tigers could once again be playing a shorthanded team.
  • ohiostatePenn St v. Ohio St. – The battle of the Big Ten’s most corrupt programs face off in the ABC prime time game this week.  Ohio St spent three quarters letting the Hawks hang around, before finally deciding to seal the deal.  Penn St has a little more talent and the Buckeyes will need to play better this week if they want to hang on to those oh so slim title game aspirations.
  • Stanford v. Oregon St. – Oregon St. has quietly perched atop the division standings with in-state rival Oregon and ahead of this weeks foe in Standford.  All I can say Standford is that whether it was the first week of the year or not, you can’t loss to a team that lost to Eastern Washington!  Must be the reason why people still aren’t saying much about the Beavers.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:


Western Michigan has zero wins.

Massachusetts has one win. They beat Miami. Of Ohio.

Miami of Ohio has zero wins.

That’s only 1 win in 21 games.

Catch my drift.

I am sorry for dragging you into this Miami of Ohio. You have your own problems.

All I know about these two programs is that Iowa dropped a 59 burger on the Broncos earlier this season, including two pick sixes and two punt returns for touchdowns.

And the University of Massachusetts may still be under probation due to John Calipari. Oh wait that’s basketball.tumblr_lowvtqFM3v1qgj47l

There’s no place at our tables for this game at our house. And there shouldn’t be at your house.

They probably won’t be testing at this game on Saturday, cause not many people will be there..

But for everyone else, remember, “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”

1 for 21.

Throwback Thursday // 24th of October


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

Nick O.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 4.52.47 PMYou haven’t lived until you’ve been to a Girl Talk concert. And you definitely haven’t lived, or almost died after 4 day long birthday bender followed up by a Monday night Girl Talk concert. Try not to wear too many clothes when you go. You will either sweat through them all or end up taking them off and throwing them around your head or someone may just rip them off of you. That all may or may not have happened at this particular show. But what did happen was glory. Toilet paper, confetti, balloons, beach balls. Ca’mon. Here we are preparing for the show. Jello shots and goofy glasses and all. One of these guys made it out the whole night even after the show. One did not. Guess which one?

Adam O.

IMG_1357With only 3 races left in the chase, after just finishing up at the biggest track on the Chase schedule lineup, and heading now to the smallest track. It seems fitting to throw in a NASCAR picture to the mix. We’ve only been to short track racing, which as a spectator might be the best way to go. Newton Motorspeedway in Iowa isn’t on the Sprint Cup schedule, yet. But one day you will see a Spring Cup race in Newton. Last year at Bristol was great. Especially when for the end of days every single pre-Bristol commercial for the Bristol Race will show Tony Stewart taking off his helmet and throwing it at Matt Kenseth’s car. Dominant. Not only were we there. But we were there. Like right there. Standing on the fence watching it all unfold. I will tell my kids this story over and over and over again until they can’t stand to hear it anymore. And then I will tell it to them again. Just for good measure. They may hate me. But hey, isn’t that what all high school kids are suppose to do at one point or another? If you ever get a chance to catch a NASCAR race at Bristol, or a Football game for that matter. Go. 160,000 people at the world’s largest amplitheater. Loud noises. Cold beer. Cars doing a buck 40 in circles for three hours at night. America.

After the toss.


Parks and Rec on Hiatus? I don’t think so.. But maybe?


Hiatus: a gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.

The other night, as I tucked my dog into bed at 1:30am and started to fire up Netflix to watch as much of a Parks and Recreation episode I had already seen for as long as possible, I decided to check the twitter and see if there was anything worthwhile going on that I needed to know before I dreamt away.

I came across a tweet from a girl I may or may not know that read:


I immediately clicked the link and began to read. Cry. Yell and want to know more.

For those of you who didn’t read the article. It goes a little something like this.. Cliff notes version.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.44.30 AM

Basically – Parks and Rec would immediately put on hiatus. Due to terrible NBC shows be cancelled, no more The Office and people for some reason enjoying The Voice, Parks and Rec would be put on hold.

Over the next few months to close out the year, there may – if we’re lucky, be a total of 4 new episodes of Parks and Rec. Devastation. If you are familiar with the show Community, you know how this feels.parks-and-recreation-amy-poehlerjpg-48b5cd31c4b82d50_large

Basically the moral of the story, according to Josef Adalian and Vulture who put out this article, NBC isn’t thrilled with the numbers Parks and Rec is bringing in and would really like people to try and watch Michael J. Fox’s show (fair) and that gay guy from Will and Grace’s new show (eh).

For those loyal fans like myself, who have loved Parks and Rec from day one – like me, you probably through your laptop on the ground, burned down your apartment and went on a drinking and drug fueled rampage around town.

Not all of that happened. But you know what I’m getting at.

Smash cut to the morning when the same person I was trying to start an online #SaveParksAndRec petition at 3am recommended I take a look at a few nice things the wonderful Adam Scott recently tweeted.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.58.01 AM

So Parks and Rec isn’t on hiatus?

Technically. Wait – what does hiatus mean again?

Hiatus: a gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.

Technically. Parks and Rec is on a hiatus. There will be a few gaps between now and the next new episodes, and then another gap before new episodes, with one more gap between new episodes.

You follow?ronsworschach-ronswanson-rorschach-watchmen-01

Next airing of Parks and Recreation, will be on November 14th. And we get two. Win.

But after that it is going to be some time. Again, after learning what the word hiatus actually means I learned a few things.

  • I won’t be getting my fix of new Parks and Rec before the new year.
  • This is exactly what happened last year, which sounds right – but I can’t remember because I have slept since then.
  • Don’t compare shows to Community, because they got the ultimate ring around the rosey by NBC.

Moral of the story?

  1. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
  2. Don’t overact immediately to things you read on the internet.
  3. Probably not a good idea to aggressively tweet at NBC in the middle of the night after a few heavy beers about how bad they are at making decisions. And picking shows. NBC isn’t putting Parks and Recreation on a hiatus because it isn’t doing well, or because it’s going to get cancelled. It’s because they are not smart.

I get a little defensive about my television shows. Especially this one, which seems to not get the due it needs. It has a good following, maybe not a huge one, but a good one.

downloadAs I re-watch season 4 while I write this, it is important to know that while NBC plays reruns of Cee-Lo Green slipping girls drugs.. I mean The Voice, you can watch Parks and Recreation all day every day on repeat via Netflix.

Or listen to Nick Offerman do a podcast or two on the Nerdist. You won’t be disappointed. He’s got a new book out too. Fantastic.

Or watch Aubrey Plaza in Safety Not Guaranteed.

Or watch old SNL skits with Amy Poehler.

Or catch one of Aziz’s stand-up routines.

What I am trying to say is that is isn’t the end of the world peeps. I thought it was. But it was late. And I was drunk.

This happened before, we made it out alive, and we can do it again. I am now taking a hiatus.