Countdown to ACL Festival // Jimmy Eat World


OhsKnows-ACLI haven’t been to too terribly many concerts in my day. The first one ever was a Britney Spears concert, and the last one was a Tegan and Sara show a few weeks ago. This will be our second annual ACL Music Festival but I’m still not quite sure how these things all work.IMG_1585

New bands obviously play new songs, a few hits from the past with a bit of a twist maybe – but most of the songs they are playing are current jams, the stuff you hear on the radio still and if you are like me the songs you get off the iTunes Top 100 and burn on a CD for a few months.

But what about some of the older bands? I once heard a story from a road manager who toured with bands such Styx, REO Speedwagon, Rush and some of the other bands who most people reading this have probably never heard about. Ask your parents. But this road manager was asked a simple question, “Why don’t these bands make new songs?”

Because nobody wants to hear new songs. They want to hear the classics! They want to hear the songs they know and love. I believe the exact wording was, “..we don’t recommend it.”

It’s not recommended but bands do put out some new songs. Great. I like new stuff. But I’m really not sure what Jimmy Eat World has put out lately – no offense to them, it probably says a little bit about me. Maybe that I am not as “cultured” as I label myself. And don’t get me wrong, Jimmy Eat World is not as old as your dad’s favorite hair bands, they’ve got nice hair yes but they were formed in 1993. And around 2001 put out one of the greatest songs of all time.

“The Middle” is one of those songs that moving forward, no matter when you hear it. You know the words. You remember the good ol’ days of blaring it on your car stereo in high school with all your buddies. It never gets old.6a0168e7c4729e970c0192acc502c2970d-600wi

This song came out in 2001, I was 13 years old – it’s still one of my favorite songs ever.

This song came out in 2001, thats 4 years before YouTube was invented and 9 years before it even found YouTube.

It has over 9 million views. That’s only 8,999,453 more views than any of my videos have. I don’t have too many good ones.

This song came out in 2001 and if you could name me another song that you still remember every word to that came out in 2001. Well. You have a better memory than me.

All I’m saying is that when I saw Jimmy Eat World was on the lineup for ACL this year, it made me smile. And took me back to about 2004. When I had a car and I could listen to “The Middle” on repeat, with the windows down and all my buddies while I drove aimlessly around town, in and out of people’s front yards.

I don’t know how these concerts work. But I do know that when Jimmy Eat World takes the stage in Zilker Park, and plays “The Middle” I will be right there screaming out every lyric from the top of my lungs. It’ll take me right back, to the good old days.

And it might be the best two and a half minutes of the whole weekend.


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