What we learned // College Football Week 4

It was a great week.  The Hawks not only bested the spread, but also completely crushed Western Michigan with two punt return and interceptions for TD’s.  Time will tell if they are getting our hopes and dreams up before crushing them, or if this team is for real.  Also, we are saying goodbye to non-conference cupcakes and saying hello to the reason we all love college football.

Here is what we learned in week 4:

  • The FCS really isn’t that good – Yes, the FCS will have their undefeated teams and the occasional upset over an FBS school once every blue moon, but these games just have to stop.  Instead of allowing FBS schools to pay the Florida A&M’s of the world, the NCAA should pay these schools to not play against them.  For one, it will save A&M from losing to Ohio State in an embarrassing fashion like Saturday, 76-0, and two, it will actually give us exciting games to watch in September.  All in favor?
  • PRESEASON PREDICTIONS weren’t far off – The top 14 teams in the polls didn’t move this week and everyone from the preseason top 10, minus South Carolina, is still holding strong.  With conference play FINALLY getting under way now, the real fun will begin.
  • NCAA Football: Boise State at Fresno StateFRESNO STATE controls their fate – A win over conference rival Boise State this past week all but sealed the Bulldogs’ fate as an undefeated team in the BCS.  Unless they trip up down the road unexpectedly or Notre Dame looks better than they have so far, we have our first BCS ticket punched.
  • CLEMSON avoided trouble – The Tigers went to Raleigh on Thursday night looking to avoid an upset; mission accomplished.  For once, the Tigers are actually living up to all the preseason hype.  Dabo Swinney just needs to make sure his boys don’t look to far down the road, as a matchup against the Seminoles looms in the near future.


We may be a bit bias around here – but even if we did closely watch any other football games, we and you might be hard pressed to find a better performance than Kevonte Martin-Manley.

Not only did he take the first punt return back to the house in 5 years for the Iowa Hawkeyes, but he decided the would make it a daily double and house two punts. Back to back. Not like, “Oh back to back in the same game – cool!” Like here let me return this one 83 yards, have my defense go back out and shut down the Broncos and let me take the very next punt back 63 yards for a tuddy. Dominant.

So for the first ever Barney Stinson Legendary Play of the Week, Kevonte Martin-Manley. Back to back Jack.


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