NFL Power Rankings, After Week Three


Peyton Manning continued to do Peyton Manning things, the Cowboys discovered their running game, and the Colts shocked the world with their thrashing of the 49ers.  Week 3 continued to mix things up in the middle of the rankings, while the top 2 teams don’t look like they’re going anywhere.

  1. DENVER BRONCOS – Peyton Manning is a machine.  Granted, it was the Raiders, but he looks to be unstoppable – throwing for another 3 scores to bring his season total to 12, a record through 3 games.  Just think what this team will do when they’re at full strength, as long as they don’t cheat any more drug tests.
  2. SeahawksSEATTLE SEAHAWKS – Not that anyone expected differently, but the fact that Russell Wilson through for 4 TD’s before the end of the 3rd quarter and then got benched must show just how great this team really is… or how awful the Jaguars really are.
  3. NEW ORLEAN SAINTS – The offense’s ability was never going to be in question.  What is a real surprise is that this below average defense from the previous year has really stepped up.  Maybe having Sean Payton back is a bigger deal than people realize.
  4. PatriotsNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – They’re still the Patriots and last time I checked the ugg boat wearing QB and sleeveless hoodie wearing head coach were around.  Until proven otherwise, they’re the cream of the crop in the AFC East.
  5. MIAMI DOLPHINS* – Look out for those Dolphins however.  All they’ve done is beat two playoff teams in back to back weeks and looked great in the process.  This week they face-off against one of the remaining unbeaten’s where a win would show that this team is for real.
  6. BearsCHICAGO BEARS – That defense is something else. They let the Steelers get closer than some thought they should, and only beat the Vikings by 1, but this team just keeps on winning.  In Jay Cutler the Bears trust.
  7. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – New QB?  New head coach?  Not a problem for these Chiefs as Alex Smith and Andy Reid have them doing better than the two teams that banished them after last season.  Karma has come back to bite the 49ers and Eagles.
  8. BengalsCINCINNATI BENGALS – The week 1 loss keeps looking better and better and a great win against the Packers helped move this team up in the ranks.  Andy Dalton may not be an elite QB, but in the words of DJ Khaled, since week 1 all he has done is “Win, Win, Win, no matter what.”
  9. BALTIMORE RAVENS – The first week wasn’t pretty, but the Ravens are back into their playoff form from last year.  With a leader that misses the birth of his second child for the big game, the Ravens have a dedicated starter.  Whether he made the right choice or not is to be determined.
  10. TexansHOUSTON TEXANS – This team needs a turn around fast.  Looking good for one half against the Chargers, followed by an overtime win over the Titans, and getting blown out by the Ravens isn’t going to turn anyone into believers.  The Colts and Titans are looking to take over the division crown if things don’t pick up in Houston.

*Wait what?


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