Throwback Thursday // 19th of September


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

2012-10-20 002Nick O.

Some teams just have another teams number. No matter where it is, no matter what the record. Northwestern basketball but more recently Northwestern football always beats Iowa – no matter what. That’s kind of what it was like for Penn State when they met up with Iowa. Was it the Pink locker rooms? Maybe. Was it Joe Pa? Who knows. Either way in the past 11 goes of it, the Hawkeyes have own 8, dropping the past two. Nick was at the last one, he obviously didn’t bring much luck. But here’s to hoping things turn around.

CubbiesAdam O.

Is baseball season over yet? If you’re looking for baseball analysis, you are in the wrong place. We don’t watch too much baseball around here. But you want to take me to a game? I’m all in. This photo is from at least 10 years ago, when me and a few buddies hopped on a bus to Chicago to catch ourselves a Cubbies game. You learn quite a bit when you are a young teenager on a bus full of drunks. Not much baseball was reminisced, the only talk was of Jody, Jody Davis – the best damn catcher in the National League.


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