Looking ahead to the 4th Week, College Football


Here’s to this being the first and hopefully last time the schedule looks this bad. Next week will finally bring us conference games. Until then, we have to suffer through this week.


What to Watch Week 4:

  • GAMEDAY in North Dakota? – This week’s games are so bad that ESPN’s College Gameday has decided to take the bus all the way up to Fargo and check out FCS #1 North Dakota State take on Delaware State. I’m not kidding, they’re actually going to an FCS game.
  • CLEMSON at NC State – The last time a ranked opponent came into Raleigh they were upset. Clemson is looking to avoid a trip up in this Thursday night showdown, while North Carolina State is looking to make a statement in ACC play.Wisconsin v Arizona State
  • ARIZONA STATE vs. STANFORD – The only game on the schedule featuring ranked opponents is this one. Arizona State escaped last week due to the fact that Wisconsin feel asleep towards the end of the game when it hit midnight central time. Stanford however, is used to the west coast timing and will be more than ready to continue their march towards the Pac-12 title game.
  • IOWA game – I’ll be at this one and it shouldn’t be much of a game, but as we’ve talked about week in and week out on the podcast, never take the Hawks against the spread. They always find a way to make games closer than they should be and this one will be no different. Look for the Hawks to pull it out and head into Big 10 plan 3-1.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:

THE HAWAII WARRIORS (0-2) at THE NEVADA WOLF PACK (1-2) – Mountain West Conference Football baby! Woooooo!

Last week was the first ever Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak. The one game of the week that should absolutely not have a place at the table. Confused? Check this out:

As you can see, Steve Lattimer is a no nonsense kind of a guy, we like that around here. That’s why when the Warriors take on the Wolf Pack this weekend, stay as far away as possible.

The Nevada Wolf pack do have one win this year, against UC Davis whose claim to fame is that they have the largest student-run school spirit organization in the United States. Tough game huh? Besides that cupcake game, the Wolf Pack have suffered devastating blows against Florida State and UCLA giving up a combined 120 points. Eek.

What are you laughing about over there Hawaii? Yeah you got “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” but even he spends most of his time in Colorado and parts of Mexico. They’ve lost both games they’ve played this year to a few underachieving teams in USC and Oregon State. Those 46 rushing yards per game average just isn’t cutting.

Understandably, it is a rough week in general for College Football. But things don’t get any worse than this matchup. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a TV that isn’t showing the Warriors vs. the Wolf Pack – but if you happen to be that unlucky guy,  ask yourself – What Would Lattimer Do?

Have a safe weekend of one last round of terrible, terrible non conference games. Always remember, “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”


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