LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #5 // Fall TV Here We Come! 9-15-13


Season-2-Promos-new-girl-31388039-2000-1861Adam and Nick talk going to a Tegan and Sara concert and Fantasy football while watching the rain delayed NASCAR Race in Chicago. They also bask in the glory of the Iowa win over Iowa State this past weekend and talk whether it’s a good idea to keep Kirk or fire him. We look forward to the Fall Television lineup and give you a show to watch every night of the week. Every damn night? – “Speaking of fire, Zooey Deschanel – you can’t go wrong.”

Nick live streamed the Iowa game last weekend but plans on making up for it by going to Iowa City next weekend. Also will probably only watch “How I Met Your Mother” all Fall long while possibly catching up on “Suits.”

Adam watched Iowa beat Iowa State, at a bar, by himself – until about 50 Iowa fans showed up and then he made friends. Also is looking forward to “The Michael J. Fox Show” this fall.

Listen next week as Adam and Nick review more football, Iowa plays Western Michigan – maybe our pro teams will pick it up a bit and we look ahead to the ACL Music Festival.



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