Throwback Thursday // 12th of September


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

RelaysNick O.

Listen. Over here we watch the same shows on repeat and watch cars go in circles. So why wouldn’t we be huge track fans? If you’ve never heard of the Drake Relays, who are you? The Drake Relays is the greatest Track and Field Meet of All-Time, no fooling. If you’ve never been – you have to go. The tradition, the atmosphere and the competition is unlike anything else.

“Nothing compares to running on the blue oval in front of a packed house.”

It will make you like Track and Field, we promise.

FantasyFootballAdam O.

Fantasy football is fun alright. Whether you’re 12 or 57. Or a bunch of 24 year olds who’ve known each other for over a decade. For the first time ever we decided to get the “Everybody love everybody” league together and have a real-time draft. And if you listened to the podcast last week, it couldn’t have gone better. Even though we couldn’t get everyone down to Texas, with the little help of modern technology – we made it work.

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.” – Charles H. Duell the Commissioner of US patent office in 1899

How’s that working out for ya?


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