What We Learned // College Football Week 2


Week 2 has come and gone and our excitement still hasn’t worn off.  The season is finally getting under way and Iowa now has a win under their belt. Even if it wasn’t anything to write home about.  The U finally claimed a win over rival Florida and perennial powerhouses are falling left and right.

What we learned from week 2:

  • END OF AN ERA? – Mack Brown has continued to disappoint in recent memory.  The defensive coordinator is already gone and with another performance like the one against BYU, Mack might be close behind.lane-kiffin-
  • WHAT IS HAPPENING IN L.A.? – This is not the USC of old.  Ever since Pete Carroll left and the sanctions followed, the Trojans haven’t been the same.  If Lane Kiffin wants to keep his job, maybe he should take a note from his predecessor and start paying players.
  • THE BIG HOUSE WAS ROCKING – The largest crowd in NCAA history gathered to see the last matchup of ND and Michigan at the Big House.  The home team did not disappoint as Michigan staked it’s claim as a real contender this year.
  • ALL IN THEIR HANDS – With their win over South Carolina, the East division of the SEC is all in Georgia’s hands.  With their toughest remaining games at home and no Alabama or A&M on their schedule, it looks doable, as long as Aaron Murray replicates his performance against South Carolina and not Clemson.

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