NFL Power Rankings Week One


The NFL season started off with a bang as Peyton Manning played out of his mind and threw for an NFL record tying 7 TDs, while brother Eli manning tried to replicate that performance, only with turnovers.  The Patriots survived a scare against the Bills and Andrew Luck did it again with a 4th quarter TD. After one week, here are your power rankings:Broncos

  1. DENVER BRONCOS – No Von Miller, no problem. An offense this explosive is going to be tough to stop.  Respect Peyton Manning and his “noodle arm.”
  2. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers – Jim Harbaugh is thanking brother Jim for giving him Anquan Bolden to settle a childhood debt.Seahawks
  3. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – In the battle of two members of the NCAA All-Allegation team, Coach Pete Carroll defeated starting QB Cam Newton in a close battle.
  4. NEW ORLEAN SAINTS – Speaking of suspensions, Sean Payton toppled the reigning division champion Falcons in his first game back since bounty-gate.Patriots
  5. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – A win is a win, no matter how ugly.  Tom Brady is showing that he doesn’t care who the receivers are, he is still going to dominate the game.
  6. HOUSTON TEXANS – It took a half, but the real Phillip Rivers came through and allowed the Texans to score 24 straight to escape San Diego with a win.Packers
  7. GREEN BAY PACKERS – The Packers suffered a tough loss with a controversial call giving the 49ers another chance for an eventual touchdown.  Either way, the defense needs to improve in a hurry or they’re going to be hard pressed to get past the NFC powerhouses.
  8. ATLANTA FALCONS – A tough loss to stomach against division rivals, but a game against the Rams at home will hopefully get them back on track.Colts
  9. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS* – The Colts barely escaped with a win, but as long as Luck is manning the offense, they’re just fine in the fourth quarter.
  10. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES – Maybe this is a bit of a reach, but put me on the bandwagon.  53 plays in a half is absurd.  I am excited to see this Chip Kelley offense week in and week out.

*Ultimate Homer Pick


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