LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #4 // And We’re Back! 9-8-13


And we’re back! It’s been a week or so. Y-GIANTS-2-articleLargeEveryone else took off Labor Day so we figured we would too. While we were away, Iowa football got a few games under their belts, the NFL season finally kicked off and the Race for the Chase is finally set – with some controversy! Listen to the Oh’s Knows brothers chat about how they spent their Labor Day weekend, and what TV shows they are cranking out on NetFlix all while watching the Dallas Cowboys beat up on the New York Football Giants. What?!

Nick decides he is comfortable enough to sit down and watch 16 episodes of “New Girl” on a Friday Night. Also thinks Clint Bowyer didn’t have a scratch on his arm, allegedly spun out to help Martin Truex Jr. make the chase.

Adam is too scared to watch Breaking Bad” before going to bed at night, watches new episodes of “The League” instead. Also finds it hilarious that Clint Bowyer had an “itch” on his arm, that he just had to scratch.

Listen next week as Adam and Nick break down the television Fall Lineup, and talk more football. Here’s to hoping Iowa beats up on Iowa State!



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