OhsKnows-ACLThe countdown continues! It seems like just yesterday that I was getting turned away at the gate of the ACL Festival as my Craigslist purchased pass proved fake – who woulda (14)

But not this year! After finally receiving a phantom package delivered by UPS, ripped apart, poured out and relieved that it most certainly wasn’t a check from the IRS repaying my all my taxes or Anthrax. My ACL passes had arrived – nothing stopping me this year gate security! Except maybe a few too many cold ones.

None the less, ACL is just weeks away and our lineup preview rolls on. We kicked things off with Grimes and her Witch House sound, we talked about Vampire Weekend and how they should play the opening credits to every movie every made and last week a story from a young boy destined to make it into a Grouplove concert.

This week, the indie pop band Passion Pit.

While I sit here writing this, I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson. No that’d be weird man are you serious I am definitely listening to Passion PIt. I just got back from a long walk with my pup and he’s exhausted. It’s 89 degrees in Texas right now but it feels like 110. He’s exhausted. I play my first Passion Pit song and there are barks in the beginning. He shoots up and rushes to the window. There’s no dogs outside it’s Passion Pit. He lays back down. Next song is singing out Take a Walk. He shoots up and runs to the front door. We’re not taking another walk silly we’re listening to Passion PIt. He lays back down. Lastly I play Sleepyhead and he’s the exact opposite of that. Either I had too long of a day in meetings or he was literally standing on his hind legs clapping and dancing. Who knows. Moral of the story? Passion Pit is a band no matter how tired you are you just gotta get up. No matter where you are you just gotta dance. They’re smooth flow and constant change ups keep everyone guessing, in a ever so good way. Who knows you might even hear a slow jam or some baby making music. You’re in a bad mood? Put on some Passion Pit and deal with it. Formed by a bunch of college dudes in Massachusetts their synthpop and psychedelic rock sound is a great – nay, PERFECT place for a music festival located in downtown Austin, Texas. There will be singing, there will be dancing, there will most certainly be a few hipsters and maybe even a dog. Either way, Passion Pit is here to keep you on your toes, keep guessing. You’re probably wrong. Get ready to dance hip ones. Dog tested, hipster approved.


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