LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #7 // College Football Experts 9-29-13


rpm_a_johnson_576x324Adam and Nick are taping this during a fair to midland Patriots v. Falcons game. They open up talking about the worst division in the league, the NFC East and how devastating the Cowboys are. They also talk about how if you can’t hack it on the Jaguars, you probably weren’t meant to play in the NFL. Next they talk about the big College Football games that took place as well as Tosh.O’s firing from USC. The Hawks win big against Minnesota and the Oh’s Knows bros take their best guesses on who will win the NASCAR Race for the Chase. They also talk a little HIMYM and Law and Order: SVU, as well as continue to count down the days until the ACL Music Festival.

bildeNick is 3-2 on predicting the Iowa Hawkeyes football schedule so far this season. Also predicts Jimmie Johnson to win the NASCAR Championship, has Jeff Gordon as his wildcard.

Adam is 5-0 on predicting the Iowa Hawkeyes football schedule so far this season – new College Football Expert. Also predicts Matt Kenseth to win the NASCAR Championship, has Kevin Harvick as his wildcard.

Listen next week as Adam and Nick talk about the Iowa vs. Michigan State game, make fun of the new USC Head Coach and continue to dig into the NASCAR Race for the Chase as we near mid chase. Also one two more weeks til ACL!



Best and Worst of the Weekend



BEST // Aston Villa upsets Machester City 3-2 without star player Christian Benteke

WORST // Lane Kiffin fired by USC after returning to the LAX Airport, told to find his own way home – not allowed on team bus


BEST // 31-year old Wilson Kipsang of Kenya sets Marathon World Record in Berline finishing in 2:03:23

WORST // The Dallas Cowboys

Looking ahead to the 5th Week of College Football

It’s finally time.  The moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Meaningful college football!  That’s right conference play has officially begun across the board and the NCAA is looking to make up for last week’s atrocity of a schedule with these match-ups:
  • Floyd of Rosedale is BACK – The last time this game was actually competitive, the Oh’s Knows Bros were in diapers (maybe a little bit of an exaggeration).  Either way, we are looking to have a great game here as the Hawks are 3-1 and the Gophers are 4-0.  The game even made it to regional programming, airing on ABC’s 2:30 slot.  Look for typical smash mouth, Big-10 football and the Hawks giving the ball to Weisman to up those nation leading numbers.
  • bildeBAMA vs OLE MISS – The Rebels have been embracing the up-tempo style of offense putting them in the top 25 for this matchup.  It may be short lived, as Bama looks to continue their dominating run to the title game.  Can anyone stop these guys?
  • LSU vs. GEORGIA – All the hype in the SEC has been centered around A&M and Bama that people have been forgetting about the other powerhouses in this conference as the #6 Tigers travel to Athens (not Greece) to take on the Bulldogs.  Zach Mettenberger is looking to make a name for himself against the team he initially signed with, while Aaron Murray continues to lead the Bulldogs through this formidable match-up.  With the 2:30 slot as well, I will be putting good use to the two TVs in my room.
  • WISCONSIN vs. OSU – There is just something about a great Big Ten game.  Braxton should be back after a 2 game hiatus and the Buckeyes will be at full strength.  That, combined with an amped up night crowd at the Shoe might be too much for these Badgers too handle.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:

THE TEMPLE OWLS (0-3) at THE IDAHO VANDALS (0-4) – Look. We don’t like ripping teams apart, people apart – these kids work hard. Just not as hard as Steve Lattimer. And I don’t care what you’re 3rd grade teacher told you, not everyone is a winner. These two teams aren’t winners, and they definitely don’t deserve a place at the table.OhsKnows-Lattimer

By now you must be familiar with Lattimer. A no non-sense, face painting, performance enhancing maniac who doesn’t stand for losing. You heard it here first, this matchup is one to stay away from.

If you are playing against Idaho, you are guaranteed to score at least 42 points a game, just like every other team they have faced this year. With solid losses against Wyoming (is that still a state?), as well as North Texas and Northern Illinois – you can’t lose to teams from the North like that, Idaho desperately needs a win.

What are you laughing at Temple? You heard that “guaranteed” to score 42 points and started looking ahead to the front row shellacking Teddy Bridgewater is going to put on you in a few weeks. It would be nice to go into that game with at least one win right? You barely even score 16 points a game let alone average 200 yards of offense – this is going to be brutal.

Please. Stay as far away from this game as possible. Shouldn’t be too hard since we have some glorious conference games that actually matter happening this weekend. But if that cutie from Idaho at the bar wants you to sit next to her and watch the Vandals take on the Owls, don’t even think about it. She’s from Idaho. Not Iowa. There is actually a difference.

Be careful out there this weekend, and always remember, “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”

Countdown to ACL Festival // Jimmy Eat World


OhsKnows-ACLI haven’t been to too terribly many concerts in my day. The first one ever was a Britney Spears concert, and the last one was a Tegan and Sara show a few weeks ago. This will be our second annual ACL Music Festival but I’m still not quite sure how these things all work.IMG_1585

New bands obviously play new songs, a few hits from the past with a bit of a twist maybe – but most of the songs they are playing are current jams, the stuff you hear on the radio still and if you are like me the songs you get off the iTunes Top 100 and burn on a CD for a few months.

But what about some of the older bands? I once heard a story from a road manager who toured with bands such Styx, REO Speedwagon, Rush and some of the other bands who most people reading this have probably never heard about. Ask your parents. But this road manager was asked a simple question, “Why don’t these bands make new songs?”

Because nobody wants to hear new songs. They want to hear the classics! They want to hear the songs they know and love. I believe the exact wording was, “..we don’t recommend it.”

It’s not recommended but bands do put out some new songs. Great. I like new stuff. But I’m really not sure what Jimmy Eat World has put out lately – no offense to them, it probably says a little bit about me. Maybe that I am not as “cultured” as I label myself. And don’t get me wrong, Jimmy Eat World is not as old as your dad’s favorite hair bands, they’ve got nice hair yes but they were formed in 1993. And around 2001 put out one of the greatest songs of all time.

“The Middle” is one of those songs that moving forward, no matter when you hear it. You know the words. You remember the good ol’ days of blaring it on your car stereo in high school with all your buddies. It never gets old.6a0168e7c4729e970c0192acc502c2970d-600wi

This song came out in 2001, I was 13 years old – it’s still one of my favorite songs ever.

This song came out in 2001, thats 4 years before YouTube was invented and 9 years before it even found YouTube.

It has over 9 million views. That’s only 8,999,453 more views than any of my videos have. I don’t have too many good ones.

This song came out in 2001 and if you could name me another song that you still remember every word to that came out in 2001. Well. You have a better memory than me.

All I’m saying is that when I saw Jimmy Eat World was on the lineup for ACL this year, it made me smile. And took me back to about 2004. When I had a car and I could listen to “The Middle” on repeat, with the windows down and all my buddies while I drove aimlessly around town, in and out of people’s front yards.

I don’t know how these concerts work. But I do know that when Jimmy Eat World takes the stage in Zilker Park, and plays “The Middle” I will be right there screaming out every lyric from the top of my lungs. It’ll take me right back, to the good old days.

And it might be the best two and a half minutes of the whole weekend.

NFL Power Rankings, After Week Three


Peyton Manning continued to do Peyton Manning things, the Cowboys discovered their running game, and the Colts shocked the world with their thrashing of the 49ers.  Week 3 continued to mix things up in the middle of the rankings, while the top 2 teams don’t look like they’re going anywhere.

  1. DENVER BRONCOS – Peyton Manning is a machine.  Granted, it was the Raiders, but he looks to be unstoppable – throwing for another 3 scores to bring his season total to 12, a record through 3 games.  Just think what this team will do when they’re at full strength, as long as they don’t cheat any more drug tests.
  2. SeahawksSEATTLE SEAHAWKS – Not that anyone expected differently, but the fact that Russell Wilson through for 4 TD’s before the end of the 3rd quarter and then got benched must show just how great this team really is… or how awful the Jaguars really are.
  3. NEW ORLEAN SAINTS – The offense’s ability was never going to be in question.  What is a real surprise is that this below average defense from the previous year has really stepped up.  Maybe having Sean Payton back is a bigger deal than people realize.
  4. PatriotsNEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – They’re still the Patriots and last time I checked the ugg boat wearing QB and sleeveless hoodie wearing head coach were around.  Until proven otherwise, they’re the cream of the crop in the AFC East.
  5. MIAMI DOLPHINS* – Look out for those Dolphins however.  All they’ve done is beat two playoff teams in back to back weeks and looked great in the process.  This week they face-off against one of the remaining unbeaten’s where a win would show that this team is for real.
  6. BearsCHICAGO BEARS – That defense is something else. They let the Steelers get closer than some thought they should, and only beat the Vikings by 1, but this team just keeps on winning.  In Jay Cutler the Bears trust.
  7. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – New QB?  New head coach?  Not a problem for these Chiefs as Alex Smith and Andy Reid have them doing better than the two teams that banished them after last season.  Karma has come back to bite the 49ers and Eagles.
  8. BengalsCINCINNATI BENGALS – The week 1 loss keeps looking better and better and a great win against the Packers helped move this team up in the ranks.  Andy Dalton may not be an elite QB, but in the words of DJ Khaled, since week 1 all he has done is “Win, Win, Win, no matter what.”
  9. BALTIMORE RAVENS – The first week wasn’t pretty, but the Ravens are back into their playoff form from last year.  With a leader that misses the birth of his second child for the big game, the Ravens have a dedicated starter.  Whether he made the right choice or not is to be determined.
  10. TexansHOUSTON TEXANS – This team needs a turn around fast.  Looking good for one half against the Chargers, followed by an overtime win over the Titans, and getting blown out by the Ravens isn’t going to turn anyone into believers.  The Colts and Titans are looking to take over the division crown if things don’t pick up in Houston.

*Wait what?

What we learned // College Football Week 4

It was a great week.  The Hawks not only bested the spread, but also completely crushed Western Michigan with two punt return and interceptions for TD’s.  Time will tell if they are getting our hopes and dreams up before crushing them, or if this team is for real.  Also, we are saying goodbye to non-conference cupcakes and saying hello to the reason we all love college football.

Here is what we learned in week 4:

  • The FCS really isn’t that good – Yes, the FCS will have their undefeated teams and the occasional upset over an FBS school once every blue moon, but these games just have to stop.  Instead of allowing FBS schools to pay the Florida A&M’s of the world, the NCAA should pay these schools to not play against them.  For one, it will save A&M from losing to Ohio State in an embarrassing fashion like Saturday, 76-0, and two, it will actually give us exciting games to watch in September.  All in favor?
  • PRESEASON PREDICTIONS weren’t far off – The top 14 teams in the polls didn’t move this week and everyone from the preseason top 10, minus South Carolina, is still holding strong.  With conference play FINALLY getting under way now, the real fun will begin.
  • NCAA Football: Boise State at Fresno StateFRESNO STATE controls their fate – A win over conference rival Boise State this past week all but sealed the Bulldogs’ fate as an undefeated team in the BCS.  Unless they trip up down the road unexpectedly or Notre Dame looks better than they have so far, we have our first BCS ticket punched.
  • CLEMSON avoided trouble – The Tigers went to Raleigh on Thursday night looking to avoid an upset; mission accomplished.  For once, the Tigers are actually living up to all the preseason hype.  Dabo Swinney just needs to make sure his boys don’t look to far down the road, as a matchup against the Seminoles looms in the near future.


We may be a bit bias around here – but even if we did closely watch any other football games, we and you might be hard pressed to find a better performance than Kevonte Martin-Manley.

Not only did he take the first punt return back to the house in 5 years for the Iowa Hawkeyes, but he decided the would make it a daily double and house two punts. Back to back. Not like, “Oh back to back in the same game – cool!” Like here let me return this one 83 yards, have my defense go back out and shut down the Broncos and let me take the very next punt back 63 yards for a tuddy. Dominant.

So for the first ever Barney Stinson Legendary Play of the Week, Kevonte Martin-Manley. Back to back Jack.

LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #6 // We Bested The Spread 9-22-13


dmrdc5-6bxmmffce2h1cxtwgfr9_originalAdam and Nick open up the program talking about tailgating in Iowa City, attending the American Le Mans Series in Austin, Texas as well as some updates on NFL games. They then get into discussion about the Iowa Hawkeyes besting the spread – something that doesn’t happen to often and talk about how surprising it was that the Hawks had not only one but two punt returns for touchdowns, the first time any punt has been returned for a touchdown in 5 years! We also break down the Matt Harvey interview on the Dan Patrick Show and reflect on why we punish ourselves by playing fantasy football every week. The guys look forward to the ACL Music Festival coming up as well as the Fall TV Lineup – “I stopped watching that show five years ago, when I thought it had ended..”

Nick is going to be 1-2 after three weeks of Fantasy Football. Also will be watching How I Met Your Mother tonight and New Girl tomorrow – will not be watching Law and Order: SVU on Wednesday.

Adam is also going to be 1-2 after three weeks of Fantasy Football – only win against little brother Nick. Also will be planting himself in front of the TV on Wednesday to watch the 2-Hour Season Premiere of Law and Order: SVU.

Listen next week as Adam and Nick talk about the first week of College Football Conference Play as Iowa plays Minnesota – and we dig into the NASCAR Race for the Chase as things are heating up!