Breaking Down the Chase // With BATMAN Pt. 2


How much fun was yesterday? I couldn’t wait to get back here and bring you the second part of the Chase drivers I think will do the most damage in NASCAR’s playoff. What better way to start your weekend?1966-Batman-and-Robin_13390758671

In case you missed Part 1, “Batman” is helping us determine where these drivers line up and how things will finish. We think.

Nick O. also previewed his 12 drivers with the help of “HIMYM” – we had a few things that weren’t the same? Jimmie Johnson the #1 driver going into the Chase? Really? When was the last time that guy ever won.. Oh. Yeah. They don’t call him “5 Time” for nothing.

Without further ado, the Top 6 drivers going into the 2013 Race for the Chase, “Batman” style.


“Your tone sounds rather grim. We haven’t done anything foolish, have we?” – Vice Admiral Fangschliester 
[reproachfully] “Disposing a pre-atomic submarines to persons who don’t even leave their full addresses… Good day, Admiral!” – Batman
“Gosh!” – Vice Admiral Fangschliester

CARL EDWARDS hasn’t done anything wrong lately. He hasn’t done much lately to be honest. But. He has been consistent. It’s hard to believe that he’s two years removed from losing a tie-breaker to Tony Stewart for the 2011 Championship. It’s going to take some shaking things before he can even think about a tie-breaker for the win.


“Who knows, Robin? This strange mixing of minds may be the greatest single service ever performed for humanity! Let’s go, but, inconspicuously, through the window. We’ll use our Batropes. Our job is finished.” – Batman

CLINT BOWYER needed to leave RCR, and you have to respect that. It turned out to be one of the decisions he ever made. But did the mixing of minds, and crazy personalities over at Michael Waltrip Racing forget that it takes just a little bit more than a fast car and a bad to the bone driver? A few wins would help.


“Now hear this, now hear this. This is your Captain speaking. My fine pinioned pirates, we’re approaching the tricky buoy! Sharpen your cutlasses! There may be skullduggery ahead!” – Penguin

KEVIN HARVICK has been close before. And he’s close again. The chase seems to be rather tricky for the closer. A few wins early in the year was a great confidence boost, but with not much happening late – Happy better figure things out. He’s leaving RCR to go hang out with buddy Smoke at Stewart-Haas next year. He’d love to leave on a good note.


[looking up at the Bat Copter in the sky] “Ah, gives a feller a good feeling knowing they’re up there doing their job.” – Man having a picnic

KASEY KAHNE keeps doing his job. But is that enough? There’s no question he may be one of the Top 3 best drivers in all of NASCAR right now, even if he is playing 3rd string on Team Hendrick. This guy keeps doing his job and keeps getting better. He is fast. And sooner or later those 2nd place finishes are going to turn into W’s.


“Question: Who’s going to make the feathers fly and knock Batman and Robin out of the sky?” – Penguin

Can anybody knock JIMMIE JOHNSON off his pedestal? He’s quietly had a dominant year, and he hasn’t won the Championship in a few years. He does just about everything right. The dude is hungry, he’s competitive, and it’s going to take one heck of a performance to stop him from adding one more championship to the five he already has.


“Ahoy there! Could you chaps direct me to a policeman? Commodore Schmidlapp’s the name. Big Ben Distilleries, you know.” – Penguin
[Batman and Robin look at each other]
“Holy costumed party! That’s the Penguin!” – Robin
“Obviously.” – Batman

My brother Nick O. may have said it best. A change of scenery may have been the best thing that happened to MATT KENSETH. He is driving like the old Tony Stewart in that #20 Home Depot, and with the most wins heading into the Chase – Matt Kenseth continues to be the fastest car in all of NASCAR and I’m not sure anyone can slow him down.

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