Countdown to ACL Festival // Grouplove


OhsKnows-ACLOur now annual meeting at Zilker Park is getting even closer and as I continue to listen to every band I possibly can that’s coming to ACL this year, I can’t help but reminisce of my first time seeing Grouplove.  You see, about 6 months ago I was like a lot of people – I had heard the song “Tongue Tied,” but could not tell you anything else about Grouplove or be confident in telling you that was indeed even one of their songs.  Every time it has come on my study playlist since then, I can’t help but dance away in the library, not caring who sees me.  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard the opening melody and the initial scream of the chorus while experiencing the Power & Light (P&L) district in Kansas City for my first time.

And boys and girls is that one heck of a story.

My buddy and I met in Kansas City for the weekend to experience the famous Boulevard Brewing Company tour, take in the Power and Light district, and devour as much KC BBQ as we possibly could.  We heard that on our first night in town they were having free concerts at P&L and figured we’d partake.  We showed up a little late and were confused as to why the security would not let us in for the concert.  We were eager to take it all in and didn’t realize that we had been waiting at the VIP entrance until the security guard looked at his watch, counted to 15, and proclaimed that this entrance was closed because it had just struck 11:00pm.

Determined to find our way in, we made our way to the second entrance only to be told that they were at capacity.  Slowly losing confidence in our chances, we made our way to the third and final entrance, praying for a miracle.  Unfortunately the third time wasn’t the charm for us as we were again turned away. Not knowing what we were going to do we decided to at least get into a bar and worked our way up the staircase to see two doors.  The one on the left was the entrance to the bar that we were attempted to go in to; towards our right was the door that lead to the promised land.. the Grouplove concert.

We walked up to the security guards and asked if we could go to the concert.  They once again told us that they couldn’t let us in, kc_livebut seeing the defeat in our eyes, they said, “I tell you what, if you can tell me the date, we’ll let you in.”  I thought to myself that this was too easy since all I did all summer was sit and stare at a computer screen daily.  I proudly proclaimed June 29th, only to be told that I was wrong.  Absolutely devastated, we pleaded for just one more chance.  They asked us how good of sports we really were.  My friend, misinterpreting the question, started listing off the sports we did. Knowing that this was our last chance I told them we were great sports.  He looked at me and told me to do 5 push ups.  A little confused, but still dead set on getting into the concert, I quickly dropped to the ground and did my 5 push ups.  As I stood up, I was asked Heat or Spurs to which I confidently boasted, Heat!  Obviously these two were buddies who were split on the Finals because one shook his head at me, while the other opened the door and let us in.

As we finally made our way in we high fived, grabbed a beer and realized we were just in time to hear the best song of the night “Tongue Tied.”  It was an experience that I won’t forget, nor do I hope to have to imitate to see Grouplove for the second time.  Either way, it was worth it.


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