Breaking Down the Chase // With HIMYM – Pt. 2


We’re flipping the script on all ya’ll! Breaking down the Chase is fun, for us, but even more fun with the help of “How I Met Your Mother.” Cast-Promo-s-how-i-met-your-mother-3223344-2560-1707It was a blast, but you know that you are back for Part 2! But in case you did miss it, check it out here.

It’s safe to say if you make the Chase, you could win it all. Hey two years ago Smoke made the Chase as a wildcard and then rattled off 5 victories to win himself a championship. Anything is possible? But let’s be serious. If anyone is winning. It will be one of these next 6 drivers.

Remember, this isn’t who we think will win the Championship – just how things will line up going into the Chase. Enjoy!


“Shut it Ralph Maccio! Why don’t you go have a party with Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter and War Horse and all the other movie bad guys and stop ruining mine!” – Barney Stinson

KYLE BUSCH may be turning things around from being one of the most despised drivers, but like Barney’s hatred for the real karate kid, I will just not be a fan.  Either way though, when things are going his way, he’s got as good a chance as anyone to take home the crown.


“Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things…we’re done here.” – Ted Mosby

People may not remember, but the king of backflips, CARL EDWARDS, ended up 2nd in points two years ago.  Last year it all fell apart.  This year it’s starting to come back together.  Maybe it’s time for that first ever championship crown.


“Victoria is happy we’re taking things slow.” – Ted Mosby

“Oh oh honey sweetie baby. No thirty-two year old woman is happy taking things slow. Trust me, Victoria has got friends from high school posting pictures of second babies on Facebook and you think girlfriend’s all like, oh lets just bone a bunch so I’m another year older and still single? B*tch please!” – Marshall Eriksen

The clock isn’t necessarily running out on KEVIN HARVICK, but driver of the #29 Budweiser Chevy is getting pretty antsy to get his first title.  Can the closer finally come up big in the Chase?  Only time will tell, but we know our very own Adam Oestreich will be sitting, waiting, and wishing for that Budweiser bath.


“You know what Robin? Been thinking about it, guess it’s kind of nice you’re such a badass.” – Ted Mosby

“It’s pretty badass your so nice Ted.” – Robin Scherbatsky

The older and some would claim wiser of ‘Oh’s Knows’ recently bashed KASEY KAHNE for not wrecking Matt Kenseth for the win on Saturday night.  I tell you what though, things work out for a guy like that so you never know.  Maybe Kasey will be holding the cup at the end of the season instead of being in the garage after karma came back to bite him.


“Ted what is my one rule?” – Barney Stinson
“You can tell how old a girl is by her elbows?” – Ted Mosby
“My other one rule.” – Barney Stinson
“Flax seed relieves upset stomach?” – Ted Mosby
“My other one rule.” – Barney Stinson
“Always have a fake pair of concert tickets in your pocket in case Lily invites you to something stupid?” – Ted Mosby
“My other one rule.” – Barney Stinson
“Labanese girls sprint to third base and then stay there.” – Ted Mosby
“My other one rule.” – Barney Stinson
“New is always better?” – Ted Mosby

“New is always better!” – Barney Stinson

MATT KENSETH changed teams this past season and is looking like a genius because of it.  As said by the famous Barney Stinson, new is definitely always better and Matt Kenseth is living proof.


“It’s gonna be legend-… wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!” – Barney Stinson

JIMMIE JOHNSON is having one heck of a legendary career and another title would only add to that number.  Mr. 5 Time is looking to change his name to Mr. 6 Time.

Stay tuned this week for Adam O’s 12 Drivers making the Chase!


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