Breaking Down The Chase // With HIMYM – Pt. 1


In case you haven’t figure out by now, the Oh’s Knows Bros are into NASCAR. We even trying convincing America why everyone should at least go to one NASCAR race before they leave this big blue marble – that was this week’s podcast. For those who don’t know, the Race for the Chase is on, and 12 lucky drivers will make it into NASCAR’s Playoffs.HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Since we thought just throwing out some drivers, their team names, paint schemes, horsepower they’re pulling or wife’s names would be a little boring. We went to some of our favorite TV and Movie Shows and asked them for help. Well The Fonz from “Happy Days” didn’t pick where the drivers lined up going into the chase in two weeks (that was us) – we thought a few quotes that related to the driver would be a little more entertaining.

As told by “How I Met Your Mother,” Nick O. brings you his top 12 drivers going into the chase and why. Enjoy.


“This is gonna be a long jinx. Like Yom Kippur services long. The only difference is Yom Kippur’s fast and this one’s gonna be slow.” – Ted Mosby

This is without a doubt a pull for my favorite driver, JEFF GORDON, but the quote was too fitting and I think it’s time to end the curse.   He hasn’t won since the early 2000s back when he was the most dominate driver, winning 4 times in 7 years, so I’m saying he gets a win in the last races before the chase and sneaks in.  Maybe he can even win the whole thing for the first time in 12 years.


“You’re drinking for two tonight baby.” – Lily Eriksen
“I will do this, for the child” – Marshall Eriksen 

With team owner, Tony Stewart, out for the year, it’s up to RYAN NEWMAN to take the take the Stewart-Haas name to a second cup title in the past three years.


“A Yuletide riddle. What is my second favorite word that begins with B-O-N?” – Barney Stinson
“Bon Jovi?” – Ted Mosby
“What is my third favorite that begins with B-O-N? Buzzer… BONUS!” – Barney Stinson 

JOEY LOGANO’s recent win was just the bonus he needed to almost guarantee a spot in the ‘chase’ as long as he doesn’t trip up. Can the guy who has quickly become despised by both drivers and fans alike make a run to the title?


“Challenge accepted!” – Barney Stinson

GREG BIFFLE had a slump in the middle of the season, but things have started to turn around for him.  Maybe he was told he couldn’t do it this year, to which he proudly proclaimed, “Challenge Accepted!”


“Ted, your problem is all you do is think, think, think. I’m teaching you how to do, do, do.” – Barney Stinson
“Doo-doo!” – Marshall Eriksen
[chuckles] “Totally.” – Barney Stinson 

As stated on the pod, DALE EARNHARDT JR. has started to let everything get to his head.  The most popular driver in the sport (yes I did call NASCAR a sport) and the guy with one of the biggest legacies to live up to needs to just get back to taking names and focusing on the race.


“This is Barney? This man is blonde. Grown men are not blonde.” – Mr. Scherbatsky

Maybe this is the real reason behind why CLINT BOWYER hasn’t won a race yet this year.  If he’s going to win the championship, he’s got to get himself into victory lane, and more than once.

Check back tomorrow for Nick O.’s Top 6 Drivers heading into the Chase. HIMYM is coming too.


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