Countdown to ACL Festival // Vampire Weekend



Just walk outside. It may be hot, or cold. Is there any other option? But take a look at the street. Then get 70,000 of your closest friends together and walk down that street to the closest park. Sit down. Or stand. And party. That is ACL. And that is what we are looking forward too.

For the next few weeks I thought it might be fun to break down some of the acts that would be making the pilgrimage to ACL, and why the Oh’s Knows bros are looking most forward to seeing them. Last week we brought you the lovely Grimes.

Today we bring you Vampire Weekend.

I watched “Step Brothers” for the 3,792nd time the other night. That movie is like a good bottle of Scotch, it only gets better than time. Every time I hear Vampire Weekend’s song A-Punk in the opening scene after Will Ferrell heats up his nachos for 1 minute and 10 seconds – I get amped. A perfect song for the beginning of a perfect movie. Vampire Weekend had members who originally put out a rap collaboration. Which is almost exactly what I think of when I hear them. No I don’t. Who am I kidding I read that on Wikipedia, but it makes sense right? They have a great sound that just makes you want to dance no matter where you are. Your car? Dance. School? Dance. Music Festival? Oh yeah, I wanna dance. They bonded over Punk Rock and African Music, which must be how they were dubbed by the genre Afrobeat. Either way it’s great and there should be more of this. If possible. I don’t think you could put any Vampire Weekend at the beginning of “Step Brothers.” It’s just too perfect. But you could put any Vampire Weekend at the beginning of any movie and I would be in. Thriller? I’m in. Foreign Flick? I’m in. Rom-Com? You and me are both in. They just make you happy and leave you wanting more. And more. I personally am looking forward to seeing this band come October. Just going to sit back with my nachos, and feel the music. And dance.


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