Who’s in and Who’s Out // Super Bowl Predicts


super-bowl-sfSpan-v4It all comes down to this. New York City baby! The Big Apple. It’s Super Bowl 48 time. Well not yet, just a few months away. So here we are. But – we could be doing this wrong. Who knows Roger Goodell may add more playoff games before the year is up. Everything else is changing. Did you hear you can’t bring purses bigger than your hand into NFL Games anymore? Of course you didn’t. Either way, resident expert Nick O. has a few predictions of how the playoffs will turn out. Get out your pens and papers, you’ll definitely want to take notes. PS: I think he wrote this before the Von Miller news broke.

#1. Denver #2. Houston #3. New England #4. Cincinnati
Wild Cards: #5. Pittsburgh #6. Indianapolis

Wild Card Games:
#6. Indianapolis vs #3. NEW ENGLAND
#5. PITTSBURGH vs #4. Cincinnati

Divisional Games:
#5. Pittsburgh vs #1. DENVER
#3. NEW ENGLAND vs #2. Houston

AFC Championship Game:
#3. New England vs #1. DENVER

#1. Seattle #2. Green Bay #3. Atlanta #4. Washington
Wild Cards: #5. San Francisco #6. New Orleans

Wild Card Games:
#6. New Orleans vs #3. ATLANTA
#5. SAN FRANCISCO vs #4. Washington

Divisional Games:
#5. San Francisco vs #1. SEATTLE
#3. Atlanta vs #2. GREEN BAY

NFC Championship Game:
#2. Green Bay vs #1. SEATTLE

NFC #1. Seattle vs. AFC #1. Denver

Your Super Bowl Champion Will Be: DENVER

In case you forgot how you or we got here. Check out the AFC Preview and the NFC Preview at their respective links.


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