The National Football League // NFC Outlook


Yesterday we talked about the AFC, alphabetical order, today we break down the NFC. Remember when the West may have been the worst division in the entire league? Fun fact of the day – The NFC has won 4 out of the past 6 Pro Bowls. What does this mean? One of two things. Either they try really hard when it doesn’t matter. Or absolutely nothing. Thought I was on to something there. Here it is folks, this is how the cookie crumbles, in the NFC.


  1. Washington – Is the rift between Mike Shanahan a real thing, or a bunch of media hoax? Only time will tell.
  2. Dallas – When will Jerry Jones learn? Another year, another talented roster being wasted. Maybe next year America’s team. Maybe next year.
  3. New York Giants – One minute Eli can be touted as one of the best QBs around and the next he’ll throw three straight picks. Until he gets the consistency down, this team won’t do much.
  4. Philadelphia – Chip Kelley and his high flying offense are ready to take the NFL by storm. If the officials don’t slow them down, it’s going to be an exciting season.


  1. Green Bay – No Greg Jennings. No problem. With Aaron Rodgers still slinging the ball around, this team will be almost unstoppable.
  2. Chicago – Cutler and Marshall are a solid one-two punch, but will the offensive line improve this year?
  3. Minnesota – There is no question that AP is a freak, but no Percy Harvin and Christian Ponder still being the starting QB are too much for even him to make up for.
  4. Detroit – There is no question that this team is talented. However, the lack of discipline will be their downfall. On the bright side, they’d be great to have on your side in a street fight.


  1. Atlanta – Matty-Ice finally won a playoff game now the expectations will be even greater for this team to finally make the Super Bowl.
  2. New Orleans – Sean Payton is back and so are the bounties! This team will be looking to knock off Matty-Ice from his pedestal.
  3. Tampa BayJOSH FREEMAN! He isn’t going to play as much of a factor into this team’s success as Doug Martin, but his name sure is fun to say.
  4. Carolina – Think the Play 60 kid has gotten into Cam’s head yet?


  1. Seattle – I’m officially on the Seattle bandwagon. As long as this team stays away from “Adderall,” they should be one of the top teams in the league.
  2. San Francisco – Colin Kaepernick is the real deal. He will have to do it for a from start to finish this year.
  3. Arizona – Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians coming to town must be a dream come true for Larry Fitz. Started to feel sorry for that guy with the QB’s last year.
  4. St. Louis – Sam Bradford finally has some offensive weapons. Will be see signs of the greatest show on turf 2.0? Probably not.

Tune in tomorrow for the Playoff and Super Bowl predictions.



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