The National Football League // AFC Outlook


We’re aching for football around here. Last week we looked ahead to college football, this week we’ve graduated and moved up the ranks to The Shield. We’re talking pro football. We already talked our favorite pro football teams in this week’s podcast – none of them are in Canada. But we reckon there are a few other teams out there worth mentioning. Starting out in the AFC, we tell you how things will shape up and why. Grab a seat. Helmets not a chair.



  1. New England – Is there anyone left for Brady to throw the ball to? Even without a premier target, there isn’t going to be a team knocking them off in the AFC East.
  2. Miami – The addition of Mike Wallace is going to be huge, but can Tannehill get him the ball?
  3. Buffalo – Bringing in a coach with a .500 record makes sense, right? Right?
  4. New York Jets – This might finally be the last hurrah for Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. If there isn’t a butt fumble this year, I think they can call the season a win.


  1. Cincinnati – Two years ago people were calling for Marvin Lewis’ head. All he has done since is take his team to two straight playoff appearances. Look for that streak to continue this year.
  2. Pittsburgh – When is the last time this team has had a losing record. Until proven otherwise, you can’t count out Big Ben.
  3. Baltimore – The whole defense seems to have been revamped, but they still have the duo of Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. With Boldin gone and Pitta out for the year, who will be on the other end of those throws?
  4. Cleveland – It must be really tough to be a Cleveland native. They’ve got to get better eventually – but not this year.


  1. HoustonJJ Watt and Arian Foster aren’t ready to give up their division title any time soon.
  2. Indianapolis – The Colts may have gotten a little Luck-y last year, but they are only going to get better this year. Look for Pep Hamilton to help limit Luck’s turnovers.
  3. Tennessee – Remember when people thought Jake Locker should be the #1 overall pick? They’re probably biting their tongues now.
  4. Jacksonville – Not a great QB, Jones-Drew may be losing his touch. This team is going to be in for a long year.


  1. Denver – Did Peyton really need another target to get the ball to? How is anyone going to slow down this offensive attack?
  2. Kansas City – Alex Smith trying to show he is still a viable starting QB. Andy Reid trying to start fresh in KC. This team is too talented to go 2-14 again.
  3. San Diego – Phillip Rivers is starting to look more like he can be grouped with JP Losman in the 2004 draft than Ben Roethlisberger.
  4. OaklandWho even plays for this team?

Tune in tomorrow for the NFC Outlook.


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