What if… ?


But what if the playoff season began this year? Almost everyone is looking forward to the New Playoff System next year. But after that it will probably all be ruined. Off to 8 teams, then probably 16, and the who knows 69 like March Madness. Wait. Is there even 69 Division I College Football Teams? In that case, now is the chance to break down the new playoff games in this weeks version of – what if?

What if there were a 4 team playoff this year? What are we going to do if the SEC, Big 10, and Pac 12 all have an undefeated champion?

The Semi Finals would include:

ALABAMA #1 vs. Clemson #4 // Would love to see Sammy Watkins play against Bama’s D. He’s probably the fastest player on the field but Bama is too good.how-oregons-infamous-football-uniforms-went-from-classic-to-crazy

Ohio State #2 vs. OREGON #3 // Chip Kelly is gone but the Ducks don’t care. Especially playing against a Buckeye team with at least 16.5 players on parole.

This Championship game would be awesome:


vs. Oregon #3 // Bama is going for a 3 peat. And Bear Bryant would lose his mind if he saw this Oregon team play. The jerseys, the fast paced offense. Bama is just unfair. They’re going to win. Hands down. Nick Saban is the man.

Don’t like my picks?  Feel free to tell me yours.


2 thoughts on “What if… ?

  1. Very interesting take on if the NCAA playoffs started this year. You’d virtually be guaranteed the SEC and Pac-12 champions, a 0 or 1-loss Ohio State, and some combination of Clemson, Louisville, or the Big 12 Champion. The possibilities are great – ‘Bama, Georgia or South Carolina, OSU, Oregon or Stanford… good stuff.

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