Countdown to ACL Festival


OhsKnows-ACLLast year I made a big leap of faith and moved to Austin, Texas. So far its been the greatest decision ever. As I write this outside its a sunny 106 degrees and my dog is digging a hole  in the back yard. Life is good. I was also introduced to the majesty that is ACL.

To join me in that journey Nick O. hopped on a plane to the big city and we went out looking for the cheapest possible tickets we could find. After being “Craigslist Hustled” by Gavin and realized our tickets were faker than Jerry Jone’s GM role, being soaked in rain, walking miles back to our car and kissing our buzz goodbye.ACL-AdamNick We made the declaration – never again.

This year is different. After counting our pennies and anxiously waiting for the lineup to be released, those 3 day passes were ours and no one  was stopping that from happening – not even our bank accounts.

I realized today that in less than two months little ol’ Nick O. would once again be making the trek down to Austin, Texas and there would be no Gavin, no wasting of that 2 beer buzz and plenty of partying and tune-age – rain or shine.

For the next few weeks I thought it might be fun to break down some of the acts that would be making the pilgrimage to ACL, and why the Oh’s Knows bros are looking most forward to seeing them.

Today we bring you the lovely Grimes.

How could you not be excited to see a young Canadian with pink and green hair? Who in interviews talks with a lisp swaying back in forth because she hasn’t slept in weeks and has had her music described as electronic, experimental, dark wave and witch house? Witch house? I don’t even know what that means but it sounds magical. Claire Boucher, the 25 year old who plays Grimes, once constructed a 20 foot houseboat with her then man friend and set sail from Minneapolis to New Orleans. Of course she didn’t make it but who cares. If you have listened to any of her songs or seen any of her music videos you’d understand. The video above “Oblivion” brings back some great memories of dancing on tables, and lifting weights on long car drives. The sound is amazing. The opening beat could resurrect the sleepiest of puppies. And could energize a 90 year old woman. “Oblivion” is a song that stays with you forever. I threw in an old CD into the car a few days ago, this song was the first one to play. It put the biggest smile on my face and I danced like I never danced before – while driving as safely as possible. It’s what I do alright. Not only does she put out good songs, but she will I am sure put on a good show. I wonder what color her hair will be? Either way I am ready for the witch house.


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