BCS Bowl Predictions // Winners and Losers


This week has been dedicated to College Football as Nick O. went over his Top 25 Preseason Ranks. (Part 1 & Part 2) As the season opener grows closer, you are quickly running out of time if you want to do hand out training camp grades or make meaningful postseason predictions that no one will remember 3 months from now. And that brings you to our BCS Bowl Predictions. The offseason has been full so many good story lines that even M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t ruin this flick. We bring you the BCS Bowl Predictions. // Winners in BOLDOhsKnows-RoseBowl

Officially the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio for sponsorship purposes

OREGON vs. MichiganOhsKnows-SugarBowl

Presently, its official title is the Allstate Sugar Bowl after its current sponsor.

Florida State vs. LOUISVILLEOhsKnows-OrangeBowl

The game is officially known as the Discover Orange Bowl

Clemson vs. TEXAS A&MOhsKnows-FiestaBowl

The Fiesta Bowl, now sponsored by Frito-Lay and named with their Tostitos brand

Texas vs. STANFORD


The BCS National Championship Game is the final bowl game of the annual Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and is intended by the organizers of the BCS to determine the U.S. national champion of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.

ALABAMA (#1) vs. Ohio State (#2)


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