College Football Preseason Ranks // Top 11-25


This week our resident football expert Nick O. will break down how he feels about the upcoming College Football Season. Who starts where, who finishes there. He might have copied this list from somewhere, it’s pretty darn good – but we can’t afford interns to check that (you have to pay for those now), so here you are. His word is his bond.

25) Miami – The U is back! Well not yet, but I liked the 30 for 30 so I think they belong here.


24) Oregon State – The only thing holding this team back is that they play in Eugene this year.  And face Stanford.  And still don’t have a starting quarterback.  But other than that they’re good.

23) Baylor – If Baylor can put a defense that can pass as a FCS caliber defense, it’ll be a big improvement from last year.

22) Boise State – Chris Peterson and the blue turf seem to have a lock on a preseason Top 25 every year.  This one’s no different.

21) Northwestern – Now that people actually believe in the Wildcats, will they start to feel the wrath that they put on teams in the past, or is this team here for the long haul?

20) TCU – Maybe Gary Patterson should have waited to criticize Les Miles after week one…

19) Nebraska – Is it just me, or does it seem like Taylor Martinez has been around for more than 4 years?  Until he’s gone, it’s hard to count out the Cornhuskers.

18) UCLA – Move over Trojans there’s a new king of LA and it’s the Bruins.

17) Oklahoma – Bob Stoops always has his team in contention for the Big 12 title, this year be no different.  A young Sooner team will be thinking big things this year.

16) Oklahoma State – Don’t mess with Mike Gundy:

15) Notre Dame – Speaking of those Fighting Irish, can you name the starting quarterback?  Between Gunner Kiel transferring and Everett Gholston being dismissed, it’ll be up to Tommy Rees to carry this team… Just take some advice from former teammate Manti Te’o and avoid the catfish.

14) Michigan – Life without Denard isn’t going to be easy for first year starter Devin Gardner, but if they can get past the Fighting Irish, they might be riding a nice winning streak heading into November.

13) Texas – Losing only three starters helps, but the Longhorns will actually need to show up to this year’s Red River Shootout before they can think about the Big 12 title.

12) Florida State – Jameis Winston will be looking to  Johnny Football, trying to make it back-to-back freshman Heisman winners. But those may be the only Johnny Football steps he wants to follow.

11) LSU – Going to Death Valley, especially at night, is never an easy place to play.  That in itself is a reason to watch out for the Tigers this year.


Check back tomorrow for Nick’s Top Ten!


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